Cats trapped at Martinelli Ranch

On Monday evening, around 5:30 p.m., Kathy Runnion placed two metal cage traps near a cottage at the Martinelli Ranch, with bowls of moist cat food strategically placed in the front, middle and the back of the enclosures. Ms. Runnion’s group, Planned Feralhood, is working on behalf of the Marine...

Schools will benefit from uptick in property values

Three of West Marin’s school districts will receive increased funding from property taxes, courtesy of higher assessed property values this year compared to last. The largest district, Shoreline Unified, will see a jump in funding by 5.44 percent, according to the deputy superintendent of the Marin County Office of Education,...

Dance Palace chooses director

Alison Marks, a high-profile presence in Petaluma’s arts community who helped found a city arts council, will become the new executive director for the Dance Palace Community and Cultural Center this month. Ms. Marks, who has roots in West Marin but has lived in Petaluma for the past few decades, brings experience with arts, fundraising, community organizing and youth. She is also familiar with the Dance Palace; she joined the...

At Osteria Stellina, simplicity and restraint

The new chef at Osteria Stellina, Jon Helquist, was waxing poetic about potatoes on Friday afternoon, but not just any potatoes. They were red fingerlings from Bolinas. “They were literally just out of the ground. The skins were like paper, the potatoes were like the creamiest things,” he said. He...

Belief exemption nixed for vaccines

Parents with children enrolled in California schools can no longer opt out of state-mandated childhood vaccinations for non-medical reasons, following Governor Jerry Brown’s decision on Tuesday to sign into law...

Funds nabbed to replace rural school buses

State Senator Mike McGuire has secured $5 million to replace school buses in California’s rural school districts, with funding from the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Resources Board. Though the details have yet to be hammered out for how and when the $5 million will be distributed, the funds could...

Author speaks on color

What is the particular hue of the mist that hovers over the Point Reyes Peninsula? What are the numerous shades of green the sunlight reveals on a leaf of coast live oak or a tendril of lichen? Mimi Robertson, in her new book, “Local Color: Seeing Place Through Watercolor,” shares...

Donald Trump y su opinión de los mexicanos

El conocido magnate y empresario Donald Trump, al lanzarse una vez más como potencial candidato presidencial por el partido Republicano, declaró que habría que detener a violadores, traficantes de drogas y delincuentes llegados del sur de la frontera, construyendo una enorme barda a lo largo de ella y pagada por...

From Broadway to West Marin: “The Most Happy Fella”

The West Marin Players make a major departure from Gilbert & Sullivan’s Victorian England with this year’s music production, Frank Loesser’s 1956 Broadway gem, “The Most Happy Fella.” Showing at the Dance Palace Community Center from July 10 to 12, this exhilarating musical is the set in the Napa Valley...


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