County cuts code change for short-term rentals

The Marin County Planning Commission on Monday unanimously shot down a proposed amendment that would have restricted some rentals in parts of West Marin, arguing that it was confusing and redundant—and not where the county should be putting its energies. Accessory living areas, which called for minimum 30-day stays in...

Despite threat of lawsuit, Woodacre home gets go ahead

In the face of strong concerns from activists, neighbors and Fish and Wildlife officials, the Marin County Planning Commission on Monday unanimously upheld plans for a new three-story home on a lot prone to landslides above Woodacre Creek. The approval followed hints of a lawsuit from the Salmon Protection and...

Short-term rentals to be clarified in code amendments

County planning staff are set to pitch an amendment clarifying county development code language that caps accessory-unit rooms at three per house and prohibits short-term rentals of those rooms, following up on a trio of workshops on affordable housing held last fall by the Board of Supervisors. “We want to...

Ozone and fairytale inspires dance in Bolinas

Choreographer Julia Adam likes to weave together playful, unexpected metaphors in her works. In her elemental series, which started with a performance in 2014 at the Launch For Hire that took inspiration from the waters of Tomales Bay, she has been drawn to folktales. Last year, she staged a dance...

Dial-a-ride service in Point Reyes expands

A monthly bus service from Point Reyes Station to three shopping centers in Novato will open to the general public starting Monday, July 11, Marin Transit announced this week. West Marin Senior Services has operated...

Ditch snags Bolinas affordable housing plans

Creating new affordable housing in Marin is no simple feat, but the Bolinas Community Land Trust has been in the early stages of developing plans for between two to six new affordable homes on the Big Mesa, with the help of an anonymous source of funding, donated land and free...

Drone use in Stinson spurs opposition group

A group of residents disturbed by the growing use of drones has called for West Marin to become a “no drone zone,” after incidents involving the unmanned aircrafts have disrupted privacy and wildlife. The call for a ban arrives as some real estate companies begin to rely more on aerial...

Teens cited after shooting bicyclist with paintball gun

While cruising down Shoreline Highway near the Olema Campground on July 4, his day off, Lieutenant Doug Pittman was startled by a speedy grey B.M.W. loaded with rowdy teens that zoomed past, headed for the Independence Day festivities in Bolinas. He didn’t think much of it until he was hailed...

West Marin’s cheese producers take home state awards

Two local cheese companies took home top honors last month at the California Commercial Cheese Competition in Sacramento, held annually at the close of the California State Fair. For one winner, Bleating Heart Cheese in Tomales, the award marked a comeback following a devastating recall in late 2014 that saw...


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