East Marin stories tell what could have been on the coast

In the 1860s the unincorporated town of Kentfield, which sits in the lower Ross Valley, was affectionately called Tarantulaville by locals. The name comes from men who drank “tarantula juice,” a former slang term for subpar whiskey. According to historian Dewey Livingston, it was a rag-tag settlement populated by “hardworking,...

Stubbs still out of a job, despite 

Nearly every person in attendance took to their feet and stared down the four school board members seated before them. Sue Gonzalez, a reading intervention teacher at West Marin-Inverness School, spoke in support of Tom Stubbs, who submitted his resignation last week after the board indicated it would not renew...

Bodies found on Mount Tamalpais

The bodies of two missing women have been found roughly a mile apart on trails around Mount Tamalpais within a week. Magdalena Glinkowski, 33, of Menlo Park, was declared missing for two weeks after her rental car was found at the Bootjack trailhead. Her body was found on April 13...

Forum on elk dilemma planned

An expert panel will discuss the economic impact of tule elk on seashore ranches at a public forum hosted by the West Marin Chamber of Commerce on May 1, at 7 p.m. at the Dance Palace Community Center. The park introduced the elk into the park’s unfenced wilderness zone in...

Drakes files with Supreme Court

Drakes Bay Oyster Company and its owner, Kevin Lunny, filed a petition with the Supreme Court on Monday asking the high court to reverse a circuit court ruling in a final effort to obtain an emergency injunction that would allow time to fight the federal government’s decision to remove the...

Lawson’s man skirts catastrophe

A propane tank exploded at Dillon Beach on Monday, leaving one man thanking his luck. Ryan Larsen, a cousin of Lawson’s Landing co-owner Willy Vogler, was cutting into an old tank to turn it into scrap metal when it exploded at his feet, sending out a huge bang. The 33-year-old,...

Energy source harnesses waves’ “rhythmic oscillations”

They say the moment of innovation is like the flash of a light bulb illuminating a darkened room: suddenly everything is clear. For Jeffrey Wessner, 68, a Point Reyes Station sculptor and designer, that “aha” moment for a new energy source came several feet underwater in the Pacific Ocean, as the waves pounded onto him. Diving for abalone in a wetsuit and fins, Mr. Wessner utilized the age-old trick of grabbing onto...

Pulitzer for photography awarded to son of Point Reyes couple

Josh Haner, a photojournalist for The New York Times whose parents retired in Point Reyes Station, won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography on Monday “for his moving essay on a Boston Marathon bomb blast victim who lost most of both legs and is now painfully rebuilding his life,” the...

In draft ruling, state told to backtrack on oyster farm orders

A Marin judge issued a tentative ruling on Tuesday that the California Coastal Commission failed to comply with state environmental law when it issued enforcement orders to Drakes Bay Oyster Company without undertaking a review of potential harmful impacts. Judge Roy Chernus also ruled that the commission abused its discretion...

resigns, prompting parent 

When the Lagunitas School District was seeking a new superintendent this year, Ashley Fullerton participated in a hiring workshop with a middle school social studies teacher named Yosha Bourgea. She hadn’t spent much time with him before, but the first-year teacher expressed a happy enthusiasm for the district, according to...


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