Coast Guard housing, shuttering in Point Reyes, spurs interest in property

After more than four decades of Coast Guard personnel and their families living in Point Reyes Station, the federal government plans to sell the housing complex, generating interest from a water agency and affordable housing advocates. Curving east of downtown off 1st Street, the site is being evaluated through the...

The Light’s endorsements for the June 3 primary election

Governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown Jerry Brown has proven that three decades of reflection can do a man good. Once derided as “Governor Moonbeam,” he proposed outlandish ideas like the state space academy, renounced the governor’s mansion and pursued four failed runs for the senate and presidency. By the time he returned to the governor’s office in 2011, after tenures as mayor...

In 6-1 vote, Shoreline board keeps Stubbs

Tom Stubbs, the superintendent of Shoreline Unified School District, will keep his job for another year after the trustees reversed their decision in a closed session last Thursday. Mr. Stubbs’s resignation was not officially rescinded: since the board plans to increase the number of workdays from half to seven-tenths or three-quarters of full time, the trustees voted on a commitment to offer Mr. Stubbs a contract for the next school year with the...

approves first-ever update to county coastal plan

With a prime view of the rolling pastures that flank Tomales Bay and fall directly under their jurisdiction, the members of the California Coastal Commission voted last week to unanimously approve the county’s land use plan for its Local Coastal Program. The approval came despite concerns from some commissioners over how intergenerational housing would be regulated, along with protests from the public over the right to appeal agricultural housing directly to the commission...

Novato man arrested in gas crash

The driver who incapacitated the only gas station in Point Reyes by crashing into it and disabling its power has been charged with driving under the influence, but was released from custody last week at the request of his public defender and against a recommendation from the district attorney’s office,...

Under attack, commission defends coastal program

Environmental groups are lambasting proposed changes to Marin’s Local Coastal Program outlined this month by California Coastal Commission staff. The Sierra Club and the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin claim that the plan, which will regulate development in the county’s coastal zone for the foreseeable future, represents a drastic...

Drunk driver closes gas station

One of West Marin’s two gas stations could be out of service for a week, after an intoxicated driver crashed a Ford F250 into the wall of Greenbridge Gas and Auto on Tuesday, shutting down power to the fuel pumps. The truck, whose sole occupant was arrested for drunken driving,...

Grandi Building takes one step toward a resurrection

The Grandi Building is just one year shy of its centennial. Originally a hotel that served railroad men and later a hardware store and a post office, it has stood vacant for over three decades. The iconic red brick façade that faces Point Reyes Station’s Main Street has been repurposed...

After years of complaints, Tomales High counselor transferred

A Tomales High School counselor with a troubled history of narrowing students’ horizons for college will be reassigned to the elementary school next year. After Latino mothers voiced concerns to the Shoreline Unified School District trustees nearly a year ago in June and again in mid-April, Superintendent Tom Stubbs and...


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