Marin looking to repossess troubled San Geronimo land

A seven-acre San Geronimo property that has seen the rise and fall of a marijuana kingpin through plans for a luxury home to an environmental lawsuit to bankruptcy hearings while its owner was in federal prison is now being eyed by the county for repossession after seven years in default...

County approves Hog Island water well

Hog Island Oyster Company cleared a major hurdle in its efforts to obtain a new water supply when the county zoning administrator approved its application for coastal permit on July 31 to dig a well in Marshall. (No appeals to the decision were filed to the planning commission by the...

Seashore will test goats at historic D Ranch

The National Park Service will experiment with a possible remedy for invasive plant species in the seashore by introducing goats onto a small section of the historic D Ranch that is overgrown with wild radish, poison hemlock and a variety of thistles to the detriment of “historic structures and the...

Coho captured in 
last-ditch effort

Two hundred juvenile coho were plucked from Redwood Creek on Wednesday morning, to be reared in captivity in an effort to prevent their extirpation from the creek. Despite restoration projects that began in 2009 to create more floodplain and fish habitat there, annual numbers of adult coho in the waterway...

Robin Williams took to the stage in Marin

Robin Williams, the rambunctious, fast-talking comedian and Academy Award-winning actor, was found dead at his home in Tiburon on Monday morning after committing suicide by hanging himself. Beloved as a radio deejay on “Good Morning, Vietnam,” an English teacher in “Dead Poets Society,” Peter Pan in “Hook,” a nanny in...

Anonymous donor funds lagoon projects

An anonymous donor has bestowed the county’s open space district with $20,000 for four Bolinas Lagoon projects, including a restoration of the lagoon’s northern floodplain, oil spill containment supplies, habitat restoration on Kent Island and wildlife data collection. “It is unusual to receive an anonymous cash donation of this magnitude…Typically,...

For school facilities overhaul, Bolinas-Stinson advances $9 million bond measure

Bolinas-Stinson Unified School District will ask voters to approve a $9 million bond measure in November, trustees decided in a 4-1 vote at a special meeting Tuesday, just before tomorrow’s filing deadline. If the measure passes, the district could fund technological upgrades, renovate the multipurpose Quesada room, improve safety at...

With anger, sadness and honor, bidding farewell to a historic cannery

Under a pall of gray clouds and cutting winds last Thursday morning, a crowd of misty-eyed stalwarts bid farewell to Drakes Bay Oyster Company as the farm shut down its cannery and retail shop for the last time. The group of supporters struggled with a fraught mix of emotions: anger,...

Drakes Bay suit now cites violation of state’s rights

The coalition of food purveyors suing the Department of the Interior over the ouster of Drakes Bay Oyster Company from the Point Reyes National Seashore is now alleging that the federal government had no right to kick the oyster farm out of Drakes Estero because of the state’s property rights...

sued for Muir Woods bus stop

As if the park service had not drawn enough ire in Marin County, a nonprofit coalition called the Mount Tam Task Force filed a lawsuit last Thursday against the Department of the Interior and employees of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area over a proposed bus stop and trail in...


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