Relief on the horizon for dramatically salty Point Reyes water

The water in Point Reyes Station is cloudy, thick and salty. For many, it’s undrinkable, and for some, it’s harmful. An unprecedented intrusion of salt into the water system is stressing the region’s water supply, as residents scramble for water bottles or fill up jugs elsewhere, while the North Marin...

Park hopes for new loops on ranch roads

Public use and enjoyment of around 28,000 acres of ranchlands in the Point Reyes National Seashore and the northern district of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is a key element of the general management plan amendment that the National Park Service could finalize as soon as this month. Among...

Fewer rentals lead to less TOT funding

Less revenue came in for emergency services and affordable housing from the transient occupancy tax last year than West Marin had hoped for, and next year will likely bring even less. Marin’s shelter policies, which blocked the short-term rental industry between March and September, are mostly at fault. The trend...

Increasing hurdles for the unhoused

Being homeless in West Marin has only grown harder since the start of the pandemic. An initial push by West Marin Community Services to shelter residents was successful for a few months, but the nonprofit ended the program, citing demand for other services, like rental assistance and the food pantry...

Inverness and Bolinas step up water restrictions, warn of rationing

Residents of Bolinas and Inverness must take further steps to reduce their water consumption to stave off rationing. Both the Inverness and Bolinas Community Public Utility Districts lack significant water storage capacity in their systems; recently, they put increased pressure on their customers to cut water use and warned of...

Nature Notebook, October 8, 2019

The new moon on Friday, Oct. 16 brings some extreme tides, the very highest in the middle of the day on Sunday, Oct. 18 and Monday, Oct. 19 at 6.6 feet just around 11 a.m. The moon will leave a dark night for the peak of the Orionid meteor showers,...

Regional ranchers plan local option for slaughter

Marin and Sonoma ranchers are leading a collaborative effort to launch a new mobile slaughter facility, taking matters into their own hands after the only regional slaughterhouse closed its doors to outside producers in January. The group—called Bay Area Ranchers Co-op, or BAR-C—will tailor the facility to meet their needs,...

Elk activists stage protest on ranch land

After opening the gate to the McClure Dairy last Sunday, more than 200 anti-ranching activists marched up the dusty road to stage a protest. Robert McClure, a fourth-generation rancher in the Point Reyes National Seashore, walked out to meet them. After a surprisingly diplomatic exchange between the parties, Mr. McClure...

Nicasio joins small schools in reopening

Nicasio School reopened its classrooms to students on Tuesday, an important change for kids who have been distance learning since March. Families and staff are enthusiastic, as Nicasio joins Laguna and Lincoln Schools as the third school to open in West Marin under Covid-19 safety protocols: mandatory face coverings, physical...


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