State fire monies will help clear fuels in San Geronimo Valley

Amid the public health crisis, Marin County Fire Department continues to prepare for the fire season, and urges residents to do their share. Cal Fire last month awarded the county $12.5 million for two fuel reduction projects, including one encompassing 65 acres and 12 miles of non-county-maintained roads in the...

Downtown Bolinas to get solar panels, with major help from donors

The solar industry has not slowed. And thanks to recent hefty contributions from two anonymous donors, a project to bring solar energy to several downtown Bolinas properties owned by the Bolinas Community Land Trust—including the gas station—by the summer is underway. Finding an alternative energy source for the gas station,...

Tourists still visit, despite shelter in place order.

A group of friends from San Francisco picnicked in pullout on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Inverness on Saturday. West Marin saw tourists over the weekend despite the shelter-in-place order. Deputies issued 97 parking citations over the weekend.

With few cases, Marin looks to ease sheltering

Marin has successfully curbed the initial spread of the novel coronavirus. With a welcome lull at hospitals and the economic impacts painfully clear, public health officials are planning to slowly relax the order to shelter in place. The move is expected to bring a secondary surge, but it’s one health...

Pandemic impacts seashore and sister agencies' work

Illegal recreation in the Point Reyes National Seashore has continued, while park employees, educators and ecologists are abiding by sheltering rules, often to the detriment of their operations, including scientific research. In the seashore, as in all open spaces in Marin, access by car has been prohibited since March 22...

CLAM wins bid to develop Coast Guard property for affordable housing

The Community Land Trust Association of West Marin has won the bid to develop the former Coast Guard property in Point Reyes Station, in partnership with Eden Housing. The Board of Supervisors unanimously supported the joint proposal over EAH Housing because of CLAM’s dedication to community involvement. “While there are...

Keeping people fed on the coast during shelter order

The need for free food on both ends of Marin’s coast is growing, according to community organizers in Tomales and Bolinas. With grants from the West Marin Fund, the Tomales Town Hall and the Bolinas Community Center are ensuring that strengthened efforts to provide food to those in need can...

Despite extra efforts to house them, homeless remain on coast

Social workers have increased outreach efforts to the homeless in coastal Marin from two to five days a week during the pandemic, but just a small handful of people are newly sheltered. Peter Planteen, who leads a care team for Community Action Marin on the coast, said he has made...

Bolinas offers test to all in rare Covid-19 project

Free Covid-19 testing for all Bolinas residents and West Marin first responders will roll out next week in an extraordinary project envisioned by two locals and led by a team of infectious disease specialists from the University of California, San Francisco. The program, among the first of its kind in...

Deputies patrol for shelter order compliance

Deputies patrolling Marin’s coast have been extraordinarily busy over the past week, following the tightening of the regional shelter order last Tuesday. People have continued to drive to trailheads and open spaces, and a few nonessential businesses—mostly short-term rentals—have failed to halt operations. Deputies, whose numbers increased from the usual...


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