Jaliscan cuisine comes to Point Reyes

The flavors of Oscar Sanchez’s sleepy hometown in Mexico are now available every Saturday through his booth at the Point Reyes Farmers’ Market, using all organic meats and other ingredients from Marin Sun Farms. The booth, called Mezquitic after the tiny, picturesque mountain town where his parents hail from in...

Boat strikes whale off Point Reyes

A rare fin whale weighing around 50 tons was killed last Thursday when it was struck by a vessel off the coast of Point Reyes, fracturing its spine, ribs and other bones and damaging soft tissue, Point Reyes National Seashore spokesperson John Dell’Osso said. The deceased whale, a 47-foot juvenile,...

Solomon loses to Republican

Local favorite Norman Solomon has conceded in the race for the “top two” in the Second Congressional District primary race, trailing behind Republican Dan Roberts by a razor thin margin of less than 175 votes. With fewer than 1,000 ballots left uncounted in Sonoma County, Mr. Solomon deemed it “numerically...

Bolinas couple has new e-book

A Bolinas pair has re-released “Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power,” their 1993 book that seeks to unveil the phenomenon of “spiritual authoritarianism,” as an e-book. “The guru/disciple relationship contains an essential assumption that makes it particularly susceptible to abuse: that it is possible for a person to be totally...

Antique tennis fundraiser event

Grab your short shorts because the Shoreline Community Mentor Program’s (SCMP) first annual Antique Tennis Classic Tournament is almost here. All proceeds from the event will fund a part-time position to coordinate activities of West Marin students — who would be the first in their families to graduate from college...

Walking mall proposed for Point Reyes

Downtown Point Reyes Station has remained relatively unaltered for the last 50 years, consisting of little more than a couple dozen buildings lining State Route 1. But if one woman had her way, the town would soon hardly resemble its historic self, but assume the image of a Tuscan commune...

Vanishing landscapes, captured in art

Out past where the sedges and bunchgrass near Abbott’s Lagoon give way to rolling dunes, endangered plants like the Tidestrom’s Lupine have been struggling to survive a European onslaught: the invasive Continental beach grass, so familiar to residents and seashore visitors, has been making its glacial advance since it was...

fry get a lift downstream

Every three years, hundreds of Central California coho salmon make a daring journey from Tomales Bay to Japan, to the frosted creeks of Alaska, before returning to West Marin. For thousands of years, the end of their lifecycle has taken place in the Lagunitas Creek watershed, but for the last...

NAS announces oyster reviewers

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) this week announced a tentative list of 10 experts who will serve on a panel that will analyze the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), as well as a peer review of that statement, for Drake’s Bay Oyster Company. The announcement follows on the heels...

Grand jury wants budget analysis

A report by the Marin County Civil Grand Jury found that creating an office of independent budget and legislative analysis could improve county finances and better serve residents. The jury found that while Marin was in better shape than most other counties nationwide, the Marin’s most important recent decisions were...


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