Farallones race leaves deadly wake

The 2012 Full Crew Farallones sailing competition ended in tragedy Saturday when a 38-foot schooner with eight crewmembers capsized near a rocky embankment on the main Southeast Farallon Island—injuring three, killing one and leaving four lost at sea. The Low Speed Chase, one of 52 sailboats that took part in...

Seeking autonomy, Lagunitas Waldorf petitions for charter

On a sunny late morning earlier this week, a little blonde girl, her class on a break, sat alone at her wooden desk inside a classroom at the San Geronimo School. Her attention was focused downwards, at her carefully moving hands. She was knitting a purple sock. On the other...

Neighbors dash Grady Ranch plan

Lucasfilm announced Tuesday that it has quashed its bid to build a digital production studio on the old Grady Ranch in Lucas Valley, citing opposition from nearby homeowners and an unending county approval process. “The level of bitterness and anger expressed by the homeowners in Lucas Valley has convinced us...

Shoreline adds administrator at Tomales

As part of a personnel move that adds over $20,000 in expenses to a budget already accommodating the recent $33,000 acquisition of an interim principal, Shoreline Unified School District last Thursday introduced Nancy Neu as an additional administrator at Tomales High School for the remainder of the academic year. The...

Offender injures two in Bolinas

Thoren Manetta, a 24-year-old Bolinas resident who served prison time for his role in the 2008 mob beating of the colorful street personality Ricky Green, is the lone suspect in an altercation that took place outside Smiley’s Schooner Saloon near midnight on Friday, March 23. Two men, both from out...

Amid crisis, new help for Rosenthal

After an emergency meeting Tuesday evening in Tomales, the Shoreline Unified School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to hire an interim administrator to bolster leadership at Tomales High for the remainder of the school year. The move was made at the strong recommendation of Marin County Superintendent of Schools...

West Marin principal resigns

Anne Harris is no longer serving as the principal of West Marin and Inverness Schools, where she has worked for the past six years. Harris has been placed on administrative leave until the end of the school year. Former principal Jim Patterson will assume the post in the interim, beginning...

Park misused sound data in oyster EIS

Data indicating high levels of sound pollution from equipment at Drakes Bay Oyster Company was knowingly misrepresented by the National Park Service in its draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the company, according to previous drafts of the document and new sound recordings taken at the farm. Point Reyes National...

Science and self-reliance, outdoors

Eighteen-year-old Charity Befford lives in the projects of San Francisco’s Hunters Point neighborhood. The monthly groceries her single mom buys with traded food stamps, she says, often don’t go far enough to last the two of them and the several half-brothers who frequently visit. Befford doesn’t much like school and...


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