Audubon Canyon docents sought

Audubon Canyon Ranch is searching for volunteer docents to help educate the more than 6,000 elementary school students who visit or learn about the Martin Griffin Preserve on Bolinas Lagoon each year. A 22-week training program begins Wednesday, September 5 at the preserve, and will include classes on local birds,...

Principal sought for Bo-Stinson

For Nicasio School teacher Elaine Doss, retirement was short-lived. Mrs. Doss bid farewell to students in May, and is saying hello to a new group of students at Bolinas-Stinson School—where she has accepted the post of interim principal. She is replacing Leo Kostelnik, who served as principal for five years...

Bilingual education gets boost

A stark achievement gap between white and Latino students has prompted Shoreline Unified School District to launch an investigation into the creation of a Spanish and English dual-language immersion program. The hope among administrators is that such a program could re-engage and empower English-learners, while creating a more integrated school...

District breathes new life into Lagunitas Waldorf program

With attempts to form a public charter school put to rest, the Lagunitas Waldorf Inspired Program is gearing up for a new school year with two new full-time Waldorf-trained teachers and a renewed sense of purpose. The walls are repainted, the cubbies are waiting, the block-crayons are in their baskets...

Bo-Stin seeks study grant

Bolinas-Stinson Union School District directors voted Monday to search for someone to develop a grant proposal that would fund a feasibility study for an on-campus preschool. The $25,000 the board hopes to acquire would explore whether the district could accommodate the roughly 35 children from age two to five currently...

New coaches at Tomales High

The Tomales High School Braves are back for a new school year and they’re bringing two new coaches with them. Edie Nelson will head girl’s varsity volleyball, while Luiz Salerno, hailing from Peru, will head soccer, a sport that hasn’t been fielded for boys in two years and girls in...

Valley teen leadership group

The Loft—West Marin’s “Valley-minded teen center”—opens on the first day of school for Lagunitas School District, Tuesday, August 28, for all kids in grade four and up. The Loft is open Monday through Thursday until 5 p.m. and membership costs $200 per year. Beyond its weekday offering of open gym,...

County endorses Dream Act

At the request of Board President Steve Kinsey, Marin Supervisors on Tuesday adopted a resolution supporting recent state actions relating to the California Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, known as the Dream Act. The package of laws allows children who were brought into the United States under...

 derby reels 
in multitude

Before catching the biggest fish of the 47th annual Bolinas Rod and Boat Club Fishing Derby, Peter Smith played a game of golf. “I finished the game and then ran down to the dock, jumped in the boat, and only went fishing for about 20 minutes,” Mr. Smith, who is...

Hog Island tracks sea changes

Hog Island Oyster Company owner Terry Sawyer has teamed up with researchers to track rising temperatures and acidity in Tomales Bay—changes that are affecting him and other farmers whose fates are linked to that of the Pacific Ocean. Last week, Mr. Sawyer installed a sub-surface fluorometer to measure PH, temperature...


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