Milestone decision for Lawson's

Plans for a new wastewater system on the property at the mouth of Tomales Bay where the Lawson family has operated a campground since the 1950s were approved by the California Coastal Commission last week. The milestone decision marks an end to the family’s decades-long effort to permit its operations...

Patrol cut has little impact, sheriff says

So far, fears of a crime wave after Sheriff Robert Doyle closed the Point Reyes substation at night have not come to pass, but many West Marin residents are still unhappy with the decision. In September, residents on the coast called the sheriff’s office 117 times between 11 p.m. and...

Marin's climate action goals rely on potential of carbon farming

By 2030, unincorporated Marin must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 60 percent below levels recorded in 2005 and, by 2045, achieve carbon neutrality. Those are the goals set by the new Climate Action Plan, which the public can comment on through the end of the month, before supervisors finalize it...

Shoreline superintendent will retire at school year's end

Bob Raines, the superintendent who oversaw a tumultuous five-year period at West Marin’s largest school district, will retire at the end of the school year. Since 2016, Mr. Raines has helmed the Shoreline Unified School District as principals have come and gone, staff have decried improper labor practices and a...

Relief on the horizon for dramatically salty Point Reyes water

The water in Point Reyes Station is cloudy, thick and salty. For many, it’s undrinkable, and for some, it’s harmful. An unprecedented intrusion of salt into the water system is stressing the region’s water supply, as residents scramble for water bottles or fill up jugs elsewhere, while the North Marin...

Park hopes for new loops on ranch roads

Public use and enjoyment of around 28,000 acres of ranchlands in the Point Reyes National Seashore and the northern district of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is a key element of the general management plan amendment that the National Park Service could finalize as soon as this month. Among...

Fewer rentals lead to less TOT funding

Less revenue came in for emergency services and affordable housing from the transient occupancy tax last year than West Marin had hoped for, and next year will likely bring even less. Marin’s shelter policies, which blocked the short-term rental industry between March and September, are mostly at fault. The trend...

Increasing hurdles for the unhoused

Being homeless in West Marin has only grown harder since the start of the pandemic. An initial push by West Marin Community Services to shelter residents was successful for a few months, but the nonprofit ended the program, citing demand for other services, like rental assistance and the food pantry...

Inverness and Bolinas step up water restrictions, warn of rationing

Residents of Bolinas and Inverness must take further steps to reduce their water consumption to stave off rationing. Both the Inverness and Bolinas Community Public Utility Districts lack significant water storage capacity in their systems; recently, they put increased pressure on their customers to cut water use and warned of...


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