Park terminates Point Reyes grazing lease

Overstocking and a failure to maintain a healthy pasture led the National Park Service to end the grazing lease held by third-generation rancher Dan Genazzi, superintendent Craig Kenkel wrote in a letter last month. Mr. Genazzi, whose grandfather immigrated from Switzerland to Tomales at the turn of the last century,...

Commission rejects NMWD well appeal

The appeal filed by Gordon Bennett of a proposed well outside of Point Reyes Station was rejected on Monday by planning commissioners, who said they did not have the expertise to evaluate it. Mr. Bennett says he will now appeal the project to the Board of Supervisors, and will keep...

Miwok council describes need for land

To honor their ancestors and benefit future generations, the Coast Miwok are trying to get some of their land back. The Coast Miwok Tribal Council of Marin, a group that formed last year, is mobilizing and meeting with community groups, and they have ambitions to acquire property for a living...

One-room schools to merge districts amid declining rural enrollment

Lincoln Union Elementary will merge its school district with Laguna Elementary this summer, protecting both historic one-room schoolhouses from demise. “If we don’t join forces, then this way of educating young people out in this community will go away,” Luke McCann, the superintendent of both school districts, said at a...

Point Reyes post office to close at night

The doors of the Point Reyes post office will be locked at night, thanks to persistent problems with people sleeping, defecating and smoking in the lobby. Postmaster Lanhua Zhou said the final straw came last week when she found poop on the walls and a smoldering fire in the wood...

West Marin prepares for extreme drought

Creeks are dwindling, reservoirs are draining, and water suppliers are sounding the alarm. Marin declared a drought emergency this week, the latest step in a crisis that will only deepen into the summer. Water providers large and small are conserving and creating backup plans, and they are searching for new...

Middle schoolers make headway on valley skate park

Three Lagunitas School eighth graders are one step closer to building a skate park on campus, after the school board officially recognized their skate club and cleared the way for fundraising last week. Ian Andrews, Atticus Bliss-McHone and Dylan Grimmer have spent the year organizing the club and planning the...

New fire plan takes a house-out approach

The Board of Supervisors adopted an updated wildfire protection plan this month that emphasizes the importance of individual homes in preventing disaster. The plan contains dozens of maps detailing individual properties—showing wood roofs and unpaved roads, fire history, who is up for this year’s defensible space evaluations, and more. Combined...

Marin vaccinating youths

Marin is aiming to be one of the only communities in the United States to reach herd immunity after the Pfizer vaccine passed regulatory approval for youth ages 12 to 15 this week. The county aims to give half of the roughly 4,000 adolescents in this group their first dose...


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