Solomon waiting on Sonoma vote

Just 596 votes separate Democratic Congressional candidate Norman Solomon from his Republican competitor in the race for second place in California’s 2nd District, and ballots are still being counted, Mr. Solomon said. While Mr. Solomon initially trailed behind Republican Dan Roberts with a close 1 percent lag, that gap has...

Walking mall proposed for Point Reyes

Downtown Point Reyes Station has remained relatively unaltered for the last 50 years, consisting of little more than a couple dozen buildings lining State Route 1. But if one woman had her way, the town would soon hardly resemble its historic self, but assume the image of a Tuscan commune...

Vanishing landscapes, captured in art

Out past where the sedges and bunchgrass near Abbott’s Lagoon give way to rolling dunes, endangered plants like the Tidestrom’s Lupine have been struggling to survive a European onslaught: the invasive Continental beach grass, so familiar to residents and seashore visitors, has been making its glacial advance since it was...

fry get a lift downstream

Every three years, hundreds of Central California coho salmon make a daring journey from Tomales Bay to Japan, to the frosted creeks of Alaska, before returning to West Marin. For thousands of years, the end of their lifecycle has taken place in the Lagunitas Creek watershed, but for the last...

NAS announces oyster reviewers

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) this week announced a tentative list of 10 experts who will serve on a panel that will analyze the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), as well as a peer review of that statement, for Drake’s Bay Oyster Company. The announcement follows on the heels...

Grand jury wants budget analysis

A report by the Marin County Civil Grand Jury found that creating an office of independent budget and legislative analysis could improve county finances and better serve residents. The jury found that while Marin was in better shape than most other counties nationwide, the Marin’s most important recent decisions were...

Opting out of mosquito spray

Don’t want to be hit with a blast of mosquito killer while out for your evening walk? Businesses and residents wishing to be notified about truck-mounted adult mosquito control measures have been urged to sign up with the CodeRED high-speed notification solution, a joint effort by the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito &...

Seventh annual Far West Fest

Experience good times for the greater good at the seventh annual Far West Fest on Saturday, July 21 at Love Field. The festival, which has raised $150,000 for nonprofits since 2005, will benefit Home Base, KWMR Community Radio, and the Tomales Bay and San Geronimo Valley teen centers. Three stages...

Snowy plover habitat expands

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has designated approximately 24,527 acres of coast in Washington, Oregon and California as critical habitat for the Pacific Coast population of the western snowy plover, an endangered species, including 505 new acres at Dillon Beach. The designation includes unique and increasingly rare coastal dune...

Deputy car hit near golf course

California Highway Patrol are still investigating a crash involving a Marin County sheriff’s deputy and a Moraga woman, whose 2007 Honda Civic swerved into oncoming traffic near the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course Sunday just after 4 p.m. Alcohol does not appear to have been a factor in the crash,...


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