Village association asks Caltrans for update on Green Bridge plans

The Point Reyes Station Village Association sent a letter to Caltrans last week asking for a comprehensive update on plans for the Green Bridge and, in particular, whether the state agency is considering a seismic retrofit. According to an analysis by one resident who has closely followed the planning process,...

Fresh Run Farm owners sign “super” contract to stay in agriculture

This month, the landowners of Fresh Run Farm in Bolinas, one of the earliest certified organic farms on the West Coast, signed a 20-year contract with the county that offers property tax relief in exchange for the preservation of the 250 acres as working farmland and wildlife habitat. The contract—known...

Community development grants benefit three institutions

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development cuts a check for Marin County every year to fund affordable housing and anti-poverty programs. This year, three West Marin community organizations that provide food banks and housing were recipients of the funds, which the county approved for transfer last week...

Alleged wild boar sighting in seashore

An unconfirmed report of a wild boar sighting in the Point Reyes National Seashore has some experts dubious, but other locals perked their ears. Earlier this month, a resident ran into a man hiking on the west side of Mount Vision who said he’d seen what he believed was a...

Lecture series for seniors sheds light on Reconstruction

The Thirteenth Amendment, one of the three reconstruction amendments created in the aftermath of the Civil War, was adopted 152 years ago this week. That fact was not lost on Mick Chantler, a historian from Sonoma and an authority on the War of the Rebellion, Honest Abe and baseball. Next...

West Marin Jews hold inaugural Hannukah candle lighting

As Mendel Rice lit the first wick on the menorah, he reminded two dozen people standing in a half-circle around him of the symbolism that ignites the tradition. “Every day is another miracle, and that’s why we light the menorah,” he said. The faces of the onlookers, who gathered in...

Drakes Estero diver sues park contractors

Matt Zugsberger, a diver employed last year to help pull the remains of Drakes Bay Oyster Company from Drakes Estero, has filed a lawsuit in district court against the two companies hired by the National Park Service to complete the $4 million job. Among a multitude of claims, Mr. Zugsberger,...

OSHA fines PRNSA for worker safety violations

The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined the Point Reyes National Seashore Association last month for two “serious” violations related to inadequate pest management protocol. The finding came after an investigation prompted by the organization’s former bookstore manager, Devin Currens, who was fired in September over accusations...

State abalone fishery shut down

After a minute of controlled breathing, inhale deeply, and then duck below the surface. You’re scouring for rounded shells attached to rocks or to the thick bodies of floating kelp. You’re carrying a foot-long abalone iron and you’re prepared to move fast. Despite abiding by strict regulations that require free-diving...


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