District to shelter tots

In what could be a first step towards universal, publicly-funded preschool for the Bolinas-Stinson Union School District, the board of trustees adopted resolutions on Tuesday expressing their commitment to including the two Bolinas and Stinson preschools in the district and authorizing an ad hoc facilities committee to begin work assessing...

Marin asks PG&E to halt meters

West Marin and Fairfax have filed a motion with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) urging Pacific Gas & Electric to delay the installation of smart meters in their communities until a community-wide opt-out program is offered. “The Board of Supervisors has joined this effort to insist that CPUC refrain...

Marshall wastewater grant

The Marin County Community Development Agency announced it was awarded a $750,000 grant for the second phase of the Marshall Community Wastewater System, which will add 20 homes and Tony’s Restaurant to the existing wastewater project. “[T]he partnership overcame an almost impossible deadline to be successful in this highly competitive...

Tomales senior wins award

Hard work paid off for graduating senior Teresa Vega, recipient of the Bodega Bay Firefighter’s Association 2012 Tomales High School Scholarship. With her 3.83 GPA, participation in varsity basketball and soccer, and contributions to student government and the Link Crew, Vega arguably earned the $1,000 award. Outside school she volunteers...

Bubbly water for North Marin

A natural phenomenon may make drinking water cloudy for North Marin Water District (NMWD) customers in West Marin. The occurrence is the result of air dissolved in the water and is not uncommon during wet seasons. This spring has been especially rainy, resulting in high flows in Lagunitas Creek, which...

Papermill preschool faces crisis

The Papermill Creek Children’s Corner, Point Reyes Station’s preschool since 1972, is in serious financial trouble. In addition to a crippling amount of back debt, the low-budget nonprofit is facing surging insurance rates, a decreased enrollment, cut community grants, and lower private donations owing to the depressed economy. “The Papermill...

Seashore suspected of fraud over noise data

To an increasingly disturbing set of allegations against the National Park Service, local biologist Dr. Corey Goodman has added a new charge: fraud. In its efforts to oust Drake’s Bay Oyster Company from a potential wilderness area in Point Reyes National Seashore, Goodman claims the park service distorted and falsified...

Seeking autonomy, Lagunitas Waldorf petitions for charter

On a sunny late morning earlier this week, a little blonde girl, her class on a break, sat alone at her wooden desk inside a classroom at the San Geronimo School. Her attention was focused downwards, at her carefully moving hands. She was knitting a purple sock. On the other...

Farallones race leaves deadly wake

The 2012 Full Crew Farallones sailing competition ended in tragedy Saturday when a 38-foot schooner with eight crewmembers capsized near a rocky embankment on the main Southeast Farallon Island—injuring three, killing one and leaving four lost at sea. The Low Speed Chase, one of 52 sailboats that took part in...

Neighbors dash Grady Ranch plan

Lucasfilm announced Tuesday that it has quashed its bid to build a digital production studio on the old Grady Ranch in Lucas Valley, citing opposition from nearby homeowners and an unending county approval process. “The level of bitterness and anger expressed by the homeowners in Lucas Valley has convinced us...


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