Marshall Post Office hours cut

Hours will be slashed in half at the Marshall Post Office in January 2015 as part of a nationwide downsizing, U.S. Postal Service employees told a frustrated crowd on Tuesday. The reduced hours are “self-defeating” since limiting retail service will drive revenue even further into the ground, locals said. Some...

Inverness Fire on Woodhaven

Inverness firefighters Scott McMorrow and Matt McClasky responded to and extinguished a small fire on the corner of Woodhaven and Sir Francis Drake in about 20 minutes on Tuesday. The cause of the blaze has yet to be identified; however, it was in the exact spot that a high voltage...

Arron Wilder opens new farm stand

Arron Wilder marked the opening of his new farm stand, adjacent to the commons in Point Reyes Station, on Monday. The stand, which is the second of Mr. Wilder’s in Point Reyes, will be stocked with fresh produce, paid for on the honor system, every Tuesday and Thursday.

Tide pools of Duxbury Reef

Low tides, chill swell and warmish weekend weather along with the allure of catching a glimpse of sea urchins, giant anemones, and rainbow colored nudibranchs (the slug of the sea), brought a handful of people to the typically inaccessible tidepools in the outer reaches of Duxbury Reef on Saturday. One...

Science interns Point Reyes National Seashore

Two science interns sampled fish in Lagunitas and Tomasini Creeks on Monday, adding their findings to the Point Reyes National Seashore’s databases of species in the recently restored Giacomini Wetlands: arrow and tidewater gobies, top smelt, three-spined sticklebacks, bay pipefish, surf perch and an even a sturgeon. Funding has run...

Plant Park Sculptures

Three artists placed sculptures in Inverness’s downtown park last Wednesday as part of a project of Art Contemporary Marin called Parked Art. Stinson Beach artist John Bucklin, above, welded together pieces of his painted steel “Daffodil” while the town was still waking up, hoping to make the vertical sculpture safe...

Faultline Institute Bolinas

Anny Owen Densmore gave a ukulele lesson last Monday at the Bolinas School. The class was part of the Faultline Institute, an adult education program that held its first classes in an old Christian Science Church (now the home of organic farmer Warren Weber) back in the 1970s—”the good old...

Hip Hop Class Dance Palace

Friends showed up for a hip-hop class that dance teacher Bianca Zogbi is trying to get off the ground at the Dance Palace Community Center. Ms. Zogbi is teaching moves like the body roll (with snap), stop-touch and up-rock to pop music every Monday from 5 to 6 p.m.

Big Band Tea Dance at Dance Palace

The Albany Big Band Tea Dance returned to the community center last Sunday, carrying on a longtime tradition of raising funds for summer camp scholarships. The 20-piece band played classical and modern swing sets at tea-time, donating their services to the Dance Palace. Dan Mankin, who directs the center, said...

Tri Valley 4-H

A 4-H student learned how to show a cow at last weekend’s Tri-Valley chicken barbecue, where participants practiced for upcoming competitions.