Mike Meszaros: A lot more than meets the eye

Mike Meszaros has lived in the same Inverness house for most of his life and, with one or two exceptions, has managed with the same, now-dated furniture. He drives a rust-embellished 1983 B.M.W. he inherited from his late father in 1991 and a 1975 Ford truck he bought from a...

Sacred Heart's two devout communities

As evening fog drifted over the Inverness Ridge, congregants gathered in the parking lot to pray. It was Good Friday, and they had come to Sacred Heart Church in Olema to walk through the Stations of the Cross. The service was bilingual, a nod to the mix of white and...

Art Rogers Family Album, May 23, 2019

"Yesterday & Today" “Baby Mania” ESTELLA AND LOURDES, THE MORA — LOPEZ TWINS, 2004 AND 2019 Estella and Lourdes were born one minute apart on April 4, 2003. They were the “Babies of the Month” at 1 year old. The daughters of ChouChou and Hector Mora–Lopez of Bolinas, they just...

Marna Clarke sheds light on aging

In her 2011 memoir “Blue Nights,” Joan Didion writes, “Aging and its evidence remain life’s most predictable events, yet they also remain matters we prefer to leave unmentioned, unexplored.” Inverness artist Marna Clarke takes a nuanced and unflinching look at this event in “Autumn,” her solo exhibition at Gallery Route...

Art Rogers Family Album, May 9, 2019

Baby of the Week “Baby Boom” HARRISON STEWART BUNNETT — BORN DECEMBER 15, 2017 Son of Ashley and Will Bunnett of San Francisco. Grandson of the late David Bunnett and Wendy Friefeld and Gary Thompson of Inverness Park and Debbie and the late Tony Wilson of Houston, Texas

Bringing balance to our medicine

So much of our modern world and lifestyle is out of balance with our body’s natural state of homeostasis. Many of us find ourselves over-extended, our children over-scheduled, our society over-consuming, and our nervous systems over-stimulated. We become distressed, and may tip so far out of balance that we become...

Nature Notebook, April 25, 2019

As the Lyrid meteor showers flame through the late-night sky this week, a second shower overlaps: the Eta Aquarids, active from April 19 through May 28 and peaking on May 6. These are also seen late at night, after 11 p.m. The thin sliver of moon will not compete by...