Nature Notebook, February 23, 2017

The longer, warmer days seem to tease us that spring is coming. Willows are budding with what are commonly called pussy willows; the male trees grow the bud as an upright catkin of yellow flowers that appear dusted with yellow powder (their pollen). The female willows have upright catkins that...

The American badger: A new mammal in town?

The Jan. 26 edition of the Light featured a photograph of a badger “headed to the old Pine Cone Diner” in downtown Point Reyes Station. Perhaps readers saw it and chuckled. But the badger was young—I estimate about a year old—and, ironically, it appeared malnourished. This new mammal in town...

Art Rogers Family Album, February 16, 2017

Baby of the Month OLIVE BRIGGS — BORN SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 Daughter of Tess Elliott and David Briggs and little sister to Elliot of Inverness Granddaughter of Suma Elan and Greg Eligian and Andrew Elliott and Olivia Klassen of Eugene, Oregon and Janice and Tim Briggs of Sunset, Louisiana

B.G. Bates: One step at a time, she became a West Marin expert

On a recent misty Monday, a fresh house in Bolinas went live on the real estate listing database Bay Area Real Estate Information Services. Within minutes of appearing online, B.G. Bates, a real estate agent whose digitalized Rolodex might just be big enough to justify using an external hard drive,...

Nature Notebook, February 9, 2017

Larger than usual tides accompany the full moon of Feb. 10, ranging from 6 to 6.6 feet. The recent storms and large waves have disrupted the neighborhood, with many elephant seals relocating from the main colonies of Chimney Rock to Drakes Beach. The National Park Service has closed the beach...

Harry Cohen: A life in service to abstract art

Every Tuesday morning at the Woodacre Country Market & Deli, the Gangsters meet for a morning klatch. They are painters, artists, sculptors and photographers, mostly over age 65. Their patriarch, Harry Cohen, playfully says their name derives from the fact that they’re all “hiding from police.” Late in January, Mr...

The common cold, zinc lozenges and more

The common cold is an infection caused by many different viruses. A recent analysis of randomized, placebo-controlled trials published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology showed that zinc acetate lozenges may reduce the duration of the common cold by nearly three days. The effect of zinc lozenges was not...

Art Rogers Family Album, February 2, 2017

Baby of the Month RUBY CHRISTINE DIETRICH — BORN ON JULY 4, 2015 Daughter of Jessica and Daniel Dietrich and little sister to Evie of Inverness Granddaughter of Mit and Chris Landrum and the late Gary Klemp of Farmington, Missouri and Mary Lou and the late Bob Dietrich of Buffalo,...

Peter Orner: Am I Alone Here?

When Peter Orner was a teenager in Chicago, he stole a pair of his father’s gloves. He never wore them, but he took the gloves everywhere he moved—to college, Namibia, San Francisco and Bolinas—never telling his father. Mr. Orner, a fiction writer who has lived in Bolinas for years, often...