Endangered northern spotted owls make Point Reyes a refuge, for now

Two baby northern spotted owls, perching side by side in a bishop pine, stared down at wildlife technician Taylor Ellis last Friday. Their heads bobbed and swooped and their breasts were still covered in soft white down. Too young to make the typical four-note hoot of the species, they let...

Report refutes resident’s claims

In response to the June 9 article “Bolinas-Stinson parents, officials disagree over Learning”: The report on math placement and progress that the Bolinas-Stinson Union School District Board of Trustees reviewed on June 7 showed conclusively that, since 2011, the vast majority of our graduates are placed in math classes at...

Art Rogers Family Album, June 30, 2016

MCKENZIE ROSE HULLS — BORN MARCH 24, 2015 Daughter of Annika and Chris Hulls of San Rafael. Granddaughter of Rose and John Hulls of Point Reyes Station and Anita and Ashok Kapur of Wilton, California. Great Granddaughter of Kanta Kapur of Wilton, California and Beryl Mckenzie of Somerset, England. Niece...

Meet Kelli Dunaj of Spring Coyote Ranch

The list of interesting products available at the Point Reyes Famers Market is about to get a whole lot longer. Meet Kelli Dunaj of Marshall’s new Spring Coyote Ranch. At sunrise on June 25, Kelli will load up her car and head for opening day at Toby’s. Maybe her 9-year-old...

It’s not too late, it’s not too early: Conversations with Paul Fenn

Techne – craftsmanship, craft or art. Poesis – poetry. Below are fragments from a series of conversations with Paul Fenn, inventor of community choice aggregation and author of Assembly Bill 117, which enabled Marin Clean Energy, Sonoma Clean Power and CleanPowerSF. They tell the story of an individual having an...

The age of modern propaganda

The Museum of International Propaganda, newly opened in San Rafael, offers an important reminder of a deadly instrument that helped foster great tragedies across the globe during the 20th century. But the museum is more than a collection of artifacts that illustrate the past; it also offers a wakeup call...