What we offer at West Marin Senior Services

West Marin Senior Services has been helping older adults and those who care for them for over 40 years. Not everyone in our geographic area knows about our agency and the many services we provide to help our neighbors grow older with dignity in their own homes. If that’s no...

Art Rogers Family Album, February 1, 2018

Baby of the Week “Baby Boom” BEATRICE WALLER VITTITOE — BORN NOVEMBER 10, 2016 Daughter of Allison Vigil and Lafe Vittitoe of San Francisco Granddaughter of Audrey Piper and Mike Hogan of Inverness Park and Nancy and Jacob Vigil of Monterey

Russell Ridge, biologist and professor, dies at 90

Russell Ridge, a biology professor who studied bat rays in Tomales Bay, opened his garden to the community and often fell asleep to the classical arrangements of Johann Sebastian Bach, died in his Inverness Park home on Jan. 1. He was 90 years old. A champion of ecology and fishing,...

Nature Notebook, January 25, 2018

The moon takes center stage over the coming weeks as the second full moon of January rises on Wednesday, Jan. 31 and moves through an eclipse. On the West Coast, fog permitting, we should see it from 2:49 to 7:21 a.m. on Wednesday. February has no full moons, and double...

Art Rogers Family Album, January 25, 2018

IN MEMORY OF RUSSEL RIDGE — NOVEMBER 5, 1927 – JANUARY 1, 2018 Margaret and Russell Ridge’s 40th anniversary garden party in Inverness, July 1990

Toni Littlejohn: The cosmos of paint

When asked how children could be made smarter, Albert Einstein answered, “Read them fairy tales. And if you want them to be even smarter, read them more fairy tales.” The fairy tale’s absence of boundaries and linear time is vivified in Toni Littlejohn’s exhibit, “The Paint of Paint,” at Toby’s...

Inverness Park couple brings “mild magic” to Sweethearts of the Radio

“Kiss Kiss” begins with a lone acoustic guitar. The melody is plucked, then the cadence increases and what started as one evolves into two with Kim Hett’s delicate vocals. When she sings acapella, her voice will fill a room, but it’s softer between her partner’s strums. In this song, the...

Program brings young adults on recycling missions in West Marin

They were cresting the spine above Pierce Point Ranch when driver Mike Anderson and his second-in-command, Luke Ferrigno, spotted the herd and slowed their compactor truck to a halt. With phones in hand, the two snapped shots of the tule elk and marveled at their silvery coats and stature. They...

The end of an era at San Geronimo Golf Course

The penultimate round of golf at the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course before its former owners closed shop began with a chance for a bogie on a long par four. Linksman Alex Franklin, of San Rafael, followed his shot as it landed perfectly in line with the nearby putting green...