Postscript from India: Worshipping the elephant

Elephants play a major role in festivals, especially sacred celebrations in the southern Indian province of Kerala. They are marched in parades and take part in religious rituals, including events at Hindu, Muslim and Christian places of worship. During many of these appearances, elephants are decked out in “nettipattam”—a glittering,...

Letter from India

India’s fight for independence is legendary. Since the British marched out in 1948, the country has become the most populous democracy in the world. Those of us who are committed to popular governance should be pleased with the strides the country has made, but there are overriding struggles that can’t...

Performance extravaganza in Point Reyes

Six very edgy and virtuosic female performing artists from across the Bay Area will convene at the Dance Palace this Saturday, Feb. 27 for an 8 p.m. show called “What / Now.” In a mini-fringe-festival program, they will offer solo acts in diverse genres. Meg Anderson is a composer, singer...

Free workshop for landlords, tenants

As rare as it is to find a place to rent in West Marin, finding a rental agreement in use might be even more rare. In a rural community like ours, relationship is everything; oftentimes a rental arrangement is made by a tour of the rental, one party giving another...

Stealthy bobcats

The bobcat is North America’s most common wildcat. Its range extends from southern Canada to central Mexico. Named for its short, stubby tail, it can be found in a wide variety of habitats, from forests to semi-deserts. About twice the size of a house cat, bobcats typically weigh between 15...

Sharkman: Scot Anderson

Alarm goes off, 4 a.m. Oh, lord. Check the weather, it’s good. Today’s work at the Farallones will be a go. Haul out of house and drive an hour-plus to the dock. Load gear onto the Deric M. Baylis in time to be underway at 6. Travel time across 27...

Inverness Garden Club scholar spotlights

It is always a pleasure to brag about the Inverness Garden Club Scholarship Fund’s outstanding scholars, their goals and accomplishments. It is thanks to our generous donors we are able to do so. Please meet the following: Osvaldo Palomares, Matthew Erbst and Andrew Caramagno are June 2016 college graduates; all...

Art Rogers Family Album, February 18, 2016

LUCAS GONZALEZ WHITE — BORN AUGUST 21, 2015 Son of Claudia (Gonzales) and Dan White of San Rafael Grandson of Dolores and Filiberto Gonzales of Point Reyes Station and Rebecca and Dan White of Larkspur

Cora Du Bois: Agent and rigorous anthropologist

Cora Du Bois, an anthropologist who became the first female tenured professor at Harvard University in 1954, had a long and varied career. She studied outlier personalities in Western and American Indian cultures, wrote a book in the 1950s about personality and culture in a remote island of Southeast Asia, headed the Southeast Asian command in the Office of Strategic Services during World War II, and, following the war, studied the impacts of nation building in India. Yet there were elements of tragedy in the life of Ms. Du Bois, who, as a lesbian, could not be open about her longtime partner and who never managed to write a book about her studies in India.