Art Rogers Family Album, April 18, 2013

CURREN TALBOT BEATTY — BORN MARCH 6, 2012 Son of Tami Arndt and Grant Beatty and little brother to Fiona and Logan of Point Reyes Station. Grandson of the late Pat Arndt and Great Grandson of Sis and Lefty Arndt and Great Great Grandson of Julius and Arlene Rodoni. Curren...

Celebrate women this Mother’s Day

The soul of woman is time. Time is embodied in her cycles. Her most ancient and enduring role is joining the human family to the harmonies of the universe. She is Spider Woman, the weaver of wisdom, whose psychic eye sees the patterns of our lives anchored in realms beyond

An experiment with mindfulness at Bolinas-Stinson School

On Friday afternoons, kids at Bolinas-Stinson School spend 30 minutes focusing on their breath, staring into each other’s eyes, playing games like Simon Says and occasionally acting like monkeys. But these and other activities aren’t entertainment; they constitute critical pieces of the new mindfulness curriculum, a 13-week program spearheaded by...

Igniting the flames of a new envrionmentalism

This year’s Geography of Hope conference was a celebration of the life of Aldo Leopold, best known for a slim volume, A Sand County Almanac, first published in 1949. In the introductory talk, poet Robert Haas recited a Japanese haiku—“Lighting one candle/ With another candle/ An evening of spring”—that became...

Cruel landscapes: An interview with Joel Whitney

The brutal and often unforeseen consequences of war are perhaps best illustrated by land mines, whose victims by death or disfigurement numbered more than 4,000 last year. One-third of these were children, innocent in the conflicts that transformed formerly habitable regions into landscapes of terror. A global treaty to ban...

Don Glaser, inventor of the bubble chamber, dies at 86

Donald Glaser, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist whose astonishing invention of the bubble chamber contributed to the postwar foundation of particle physics and whose subsequent forays into other fields presaged the viability of biotechnology, died Feb. 28 in Berkeley. The part-time Inverness resident was 86. While physics was once the domain...

Her battle for small agriculture

When Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar made a “fact-finding” trip to Drakes Estero late last November, Phyllis Faber unsuccessfully attempted to join a meeting between him and a group of environmentalists at Point Reyes National Seashore headquarters. A series of photographs taken at the entrance to the Red Barn...

The Olema’s cuisine cuts to the bone

After a crisis that nearly destroyed their business, the West Marin culinary legends who put Manka’s on the map are finally cooking again in a refurbished Olema inn at the intersection of Highway One and Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. Margaret Grade and Daniel DeLong’s new restaurant, The Olema, is pared...

An ode to Manka’s Olema

This is an ode to The Olema. It is not a review; you can read our review on page one. It is a letter to readers about an opportunity in our midst to experience food and hospitality in a way that is both new, yet seasoned by the past. A...