Art Rogers Family Album, August 1, 2013

“Blast from the Past” 3D SLIDE SHOW IN THE LIBRARY AT WEST MARIN SCHOOL -— DECEMBER 1979 This photograph can be seen in 3D with other vintage and new 3D Family Albums, beginning this Friday, August 2, 2013 at Toby’s Gallery • Viewing glasses will be available •

Getting the most out of your greens

Jo Robinson, a health writer and food activist, has just published Eating on the Wild Side , a book loaded with new and interesting ideas. The fruits and vegetables we grow, buy and eat today have been made more palatable than their wild ancestors by centuries of plant breeding. This...

Airing the issues on the state’s water future

We’ve all heard the cliché, “Everyone in West Marin is an environmentalist.” It’s true that many locals have strong opinions about environmental issues, and many have worked hard to protect the natural environment here and elsewhere. Jerry Meral, an Inverness resident, is one of the most widely recognized environmentalists in...

What you should know about the Marin RCD

Its name doesn’t roll easily off the tongue, or give a clue as to its importance to agriculture and the environment in West Marin. But the 54-year-old Marin Resource Conservation District, based in Point Reyes Station, has raised and spent tens of millions of dollars to help ranchers conserve their...

Old code, tapped by fans, lingers in park

Richard Dillman, co-founder of the Maritime Radio Historical Society, can tap out an impressive 25-plus words a minute in Morse code, his thumb and index finger almost imperceptibly flicking the red paddle of the semiautomatic telegraph key to the right for dots and to the left for dashes. About 30...

Inverness author invited to Limerick gay festivities

Patrons of a 101-year-old bar in Limerick, Ireland will gather on July 20 to hear Inverness author Jeffrey Hickey read from his 2012 self-published novel, Morehead . Mr. Hickey will share portions of his “loosely autobiographical” coming-of-age story courtesy of the Limerick 2018 Gay Games X Bid Team. The book...

The science and the symphony of soil

Deborah Koons Garcia did not make a film about dirt. Dirt is hard, compact, dead. Her most recent documentary, Symphony of the Soil, exalts in the invisibly teeming, wildly variant underdog of the environmental and organic food movements. Soil, through Ms. Koons Garcia’s lens, is the hero. The 104-minute documentary screens at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Dance Palace Community and Cultural Center, in Point Reyes Station. A Q&A session follows with Ms. Koons Garcia and two of the dozens...

Saltwater, at one year, nourishes with verve

Diners at Saltwater Oyster Depot last Friday, grazing on delectable plates, might not have know that the man with the sweating forehead and light-wash blue jeans who was shucking the night’s bivalves and arranging them on rock salt also owns the establishment, which this month is celebrating its one-year anniversary...