Art Rogers Family Album, January 30, 2014

Baby of the Month AMADINE DONA KIRBY — BORN NOVEMBER 4, 2012 Daughter of Salihah and Douglas Kirby of Point Reyes Station. Granddaughter of Malika and Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Arlene and Dan Kirby of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Robin Bradford of Bolinas hardware on women and war

Robin Bradford, co-owner of Bolinas Bay Hardware and Mercantile, has written a new play that will premiere as a full production in Los Angeles this fall. “Low Hanging Fruit” tells the story of four homeless women—all veterans of the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—who create a tent encampment on...

Fourth-generation Stinson woman nabs bookstore

When Bonnie Sullivan left the library a few months ago with Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, a novel about a mysterious bookstore with a curious clientele, she had no inkling that she would soon purchase such a business for herself. But not long after, she heard friends discussing the decades-old Stinson Beach establishment, then for sale by its longtime owner, Annie Rand. The two began talking last September. Now Ms. Sullivan, who will become the official owner by the end of this month, says she plans on continuing Ms. Rand’s legacy and serving a loyal clientele while utilizing social media to help sales. The purchase signals a significant shift for Ms. Sullivan, who has a master’s degree in public health and had worked for decades in the corporate offices of health care organizations...

Eight visions of building in nature

“Architecture: Eight Visions,” a stunning exhibition on display through January at Toby’s Gallery, features the work of Jim Campe, Jon Fernandez, Paul Korhummel, Dan Lieberman, Alex Riley, Igor Sazevich, Sim Van der Ryn and the firm of Ron Wagner and Garen Fechter. Each of these fiercely individual designers deserves a...

Art Rogers Family Album, January 16, 2014

THE ARTISTS OF THE “ARCHITECTURE/8 VISIONS” EXHIBITION AT TOBY’S GALLERY Chris Giacomini wanted to showcase an exhibition of local architecture featuring longtime builders, designers and architects who have lived, worked and been members of the Point Reyes community for over 25 years. From the left are Garen Fechter, Ron Wagner,...

On the hunt, with mycelium on the mind

Debbie Viess’s hair fell across her face as she crouched over a trio of fat mushrooms. She put down her cup of coffee and uprooted the fungi with her buck knife. “Guys, come look at this one! It’s a beauty!” she yelled. With each step in her direction, my boots...

Art Rogers Family Album, January 9, 2014

THE DOMINICAN UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUM HISTORY CLASS FOR SENIORS IN THE DANCE PALACE CHURCH SPACE In 2002, the Bernard Osher Foundation began to consider higher education programs targeted toward mature students, including seniors over 50 who no longer needed degrees, but sought learning for the joy of learning – without...

Wilderness at 50, at 500, at 1,000

A narrow path leads to McClure’s Beach and to the ocean beyond. I walk down a steep incline, the landscape painted winter brown in a season without rain. Still, the creek talks, as the Miwok would have said before and after Sir Francis Drake arrived along this coast at the...