Art Rogers Family Album, January 9, 2014

THE DOMINICAN UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUM HISTORY CLASS FOR SENIORS IN THE DANCE PALACE CHURCH SPACE In 2002, the Bernard Osher Foundation began to consider higher education programs targeted toward mature students, including seniors over 50 who no longer needed degrees, but sought learning for the joy of learning – without...

Wilderness at 50, at 500, at 1,000

A narrow path leads to McClure’s Beach and to the ocean beyond. I walk down a steep incline, the landscape painted winter brown in a season without rain. Still, the creek talks, as the Miwok would have said before and after Sir Francis Drake arrived along this coast at the...

Art Rogers Family Album, December 27, 2013

Baby of the Month MARNIX WALTER MULLEN — BORN THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS, ON DECEMBER 26, 2012 Son of Jillian and Tim Mullen of Point Reyes Station. Grandson of Judy and Jerry Miller of Browns Valley, California; John Moffett of Morgan Hill, California; Ann Mullen of San Francisco, California; and...

Priest back from Philippines with message of hope

On Nov. 7, Typhoon Haiyan barreled through the center of the Philippine archipelago. It had the strongest landfall ever recorded and its winds ranked it the second strongest typhoon in history. Over 6,000 perished, and millions were left homeless and in desperate conditions. Father Manuel Igrobay, the priest for Catholic churches in Olema, Tomales and Bolinas, traveled to the capital, Manila, the day before the storm struck to sit at the bedside of his dying mother. She passed away the day after his arrival. After Father Manuel returned to West Marin, he spoke of his trip during a Sunday homily. The next day he sat down with the Light to share his experiences and reflections on hope in the face...

The Miracle of Tepeyac

Since ancestral times, people and cultures have developed myths, beliefs, legends and traditions that give them significance and identity through the years. It is said that the culture on this side of the planet is Western Judeo Christian, because many of the things that identify us derive from the ancient...

Little Wing Farm hatches niche in Tomales

When Molly Myerson walks into her quail coop outside Tomales on the hunt for the day’s cache of eggs, she eyes a few of the birds’ favorite spots—a divot where two low wooden beams imperfectly meet in one corner, a blue crate in the back. But the quail are also prone to hunkering down in the dirt somewhere and...