Art Rogers Family Album, January 19, 2017

Steve Costa and Kate Levinson open Point Reyes Books in the Emporium Building in 2002 Molly Parent and Stephen Sparks buy Point Reyes Books in the Emporium Building in 2017 from the series “Yesterday & Today”

For schvitzing, try Carole Alter’s exercise class

Carole Alter slips a cassette into a boombox and soon a didgeridoo and tribal tempos fill the Valley Room of the San Geronimo Community Center. It’s Monday morning and Ms. Alter’s class, Exercise for Altacockers, a Yiddish word for “old farts,” is underway. It’s designed as a synergistic combination that...

Art Rogers Family Album, January 12, 2017

35 YEARS AGO THIS MONTH — THE FLOOD OF 1982 From top left to right: Marin County Sheriff’s Lt. Art Disterheft and Sgt. Wendell Travis on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. just past Balboa Ave.; residents standing on what remained below their houses on Redwood; Woody Crawley, of PG&E, at the...

West Marin brings stories from Standing Rock

Last September, in a brimful Bolinas Community Center, Jesse McCollum rose to address his community about what he witnessed in North Dakota while defending the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation from the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He called for participation from his peers, and directed the audience to the...

Phobias I have known

When I was a teenager, I suffered—and I do mean suffered—from being very shy, a condition called “venustraphobia.” I didn’t know what it meant, but now I do. It is a fear of beautiful women. If you are a boy with a touch of acne, this is not a good...

Your gut and the 12-hour fast

Here are some take-home messages for human health from the recent Commonweal symposium on the microbiome—the trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that live on and in our bodies. The good ones can be our friends. From an evolutionary standpoint, they want us to survive so they can survive. We...

Art Rogers Family Album, January 5, 2017

BRUCE AND JOHN, THE MITCHELL BROTHERS OF INVERNESS 1976 — IN MEMORY OF JOHN MITCHELL • JULY 31,1947 - SEPTEMBER 29, 2016 Honoring those who passed away in 2016, whose lives touched friends, family and community. Their memories remain in the hearts of those they loved. — Anonymous

Wade Holland: Reflecting on a West Marin career

The year 2017 will have a momentous start for Inverness resident Wade Holland. In January he expects to walk out of his oculist’s office with a new prosthetic right eyeball—the result of a tumor he had three years ago—and in March he’ll turn 81. And in February, he’ll step down...

Going out of business

To the employees and trustees of most institutions and organizations, whether for-profit or nonprofit, the phrase “going out of business” has an ominous, moribund tone to it, kind of like hearing that a friend is terminally ill. But sometimes going out of business is a good idea and the right...

Chanterelle paté

In the winter months, the promise of finding wild mushrooms is one of a few things I can use to trick myself into leaving my warm home. When I see a patch of gold peeking out from the duff, my “seasonal disorder” is all but forgotten. In this recipe, robust...