Ancestors & the Land: 75 years ago

I first saw the photograph in the book “Point Reyes Peninsula,” by Dewey Livingston and Carola DeRooy. The 1930s image haunted me: Italian and Japanese families enjoying a picnic at Limantour Beach on a day off from their endless farming labors, taking in the sun, sand and surf. My wife,...

Nature Notebook, March 23, 2017

A new moon sets on March 27, and the days grow longer by about a minute each day as the vernal equinox slides behind us. Spring sightings include a family of great blue herons stalking gophers in the pastures around the Bear Valley Visitor Center. One of the most colorful...

Art Rogers Family Album, March 23, 2017

Baby of the Month LANZO VINCENT QUINCE REGALBUTO — BORN OCTOBER 25, 2015 Son of Maggie Levinger and Luke Regalbuto of Point Reyes Station Grandson of the late Katherine Hilton and Lowell Vincent “Banana” Levinger and Jane Vait of Inverness and Laura Regalbuto of Encinitas and Vincent Regalbuto of Inverness...

Birth and death anchor Erin Rodoni’s poetry

Erin Rodoni was 16 and driving herself and a friend to high school on a wet morning when she almost spun out of control. “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins played through the stereo as she passed the Borello Ranch; her tires lost traction, and she began to slide off Highway...

Mensaje a los inmigrantes de la Oficina del Sheriff el Condado de Marín

Los recientes anuncios del Presidente Donald Trump y las instrucciones del Departamento de Seguridad Nacional (Department of Homeland Security) han hecho que surjan preguntas sobre el papel que las agencias encargadas del orden a nivel local juegan en las políticas nacionales de inmigración. Al interior de nuestras comunidades inmigrantes, tales...

Daffodils from the past

Flowers we call daffodils, splashes of deep yellow poking up around coast hillsides in West Marin, are more properly called “narcissus.” They are longtime residents of the Laguna and Coast Trail area. To a gardener, they are also called jonquils or narcissus. Daffodils have larger flowers, whereas jonquils are hybrids...

West Marin: Past and present

I spent a wonderful Saturday morning going through “West Marin Ancestors and the Land: Learning to Speak the Language of Place” with curator Kitty Whitman, who has presented a wealth of historical photographs and contemporary art at Toby’s Gallery in conjunction with the 2017 Geography of Hope Conference. This year’s...

Art Rogers Family Album, March 16, 2017

MICHAEL MERY AND JOYCE GOLDFIELD — RECIPIENTS OF THE 2017 DANCE PALACE COMMUNITY AWARDS In the second year of the Annual Dance Palace Community Awards Banquet, Michael and Joyce were celebrated and honored for their extraordinary service and leadership in West Marin.

Suzanne Sadowsky retires, receives honors for career

The Valley Room at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center brimmed last Thursday during a celebration for Suzanne Sadowksy, the center’s sustainability director who retired last week after 20 years at the post. People filled pockets of space and doorways were blocked with bodies that peered into the bustling room...