Art Rogers Family Album, August 24, 2017

THE SOLAR ECLIPSE PARTY AT THE BEAR VALLEY VISITOR CENTER ON THE MORNING OF AUGUST 21, 2017 On Monday, Aug. 21, the National Park Service hosted a free eclipse viewing party, complete with free glasses. There was a presentation by ranger Greg Purifoy, a park interpreter, educator and eclipse enthusiast,...

Tod Friend, who lived and died on Tomales Bay

Tod Friend, a hard-working oysterman who protested against the Vietnam War and was known for his generosity, charm and modest lifestyle, died last month in a boat accident on Tomales Bay. He was 70 years old. Tod’s reputation was one of perseverance and dedication, both in caring for his family...

Nicasio couple makes art out of twice-recycled, and sometimes grafted, wood

Nicasio resident Barbara Contini was looking for the ideal cutting board with her sister-in-law a few years ago and, after being thoroughly disappointed by the options, pulled out some forgotten tools in her garage and got to work. For Ms. Contini and her husband, Patrick McDonnell, who now run Nicasio...

The spirit of our appeal

The mission of the Inverness Foundation and Association is, in part, “to maintain and preserve the environment and natural beauty of the Inverness area, Tomales Bay and its watershed, and to take such initiatives and to support such endeavors as will strengthen and support the wellbeing of the Inverness community.”...

The eclipse is coming! The eclipse is coming!

It’s being called “The Great American Eclipse,” a phrase coined long before we started making America great again. Nevertheless, the eclipse could be the event that makes America great again. At least for a few minutes. On Monday morning, Aug. 21, the shadow of the moon will race across the...

Art Rogers Family Album, August 10, 2017

Baby of the Week “Baby Boom” ROWAN ELINOR PATTERSON — BORN APRIL 7, 2015 Daughter of Caroline and Daniel Patterson and little sister to Leighton of Laguna Hills, California Granddaughter of Ann and Jim Patterson of Point Reyes Station and Aimee and Stephen Cella of Las Vegas, Nevada

Art Rogers Family Album, August 3, 2017

JUDY SAN AND FRIENDS AT WALKER CREEK RANCH IN MARSHALL Walker Creek Ranch, an outdoor school and environmental center run by the Marin County Office of Education, primarily serves fifth graders. Judy San, who retired last month, is a self-taught taxidermist who has volunteered to work on the naturalist and...

Index project reveals healthy wildlife

Somewhere along the ridges of the San Geronimo Valley, a wild animal has just triggered a motion-activated camera. The image, along with a couple million more, is helping researchers to better understand population and migration trends of wildlife across the valley and on Mount Tamalpais. Some 180 cameras are scattered...

Eight o’clock and ready to meditate

A light tap of a singing bowl begins the practice. For the next 40 minutes, all noises inside the Dance Palace are consciously few as five people, two of them Buddhist priests, sit on mats spaced a few feet apart. To add a touch of intimacy, they face the walls...