Art Rogers Family Album, February 7, 2019

BOBBIE LOEB CHECKING OUT A DOWNED CYPRESS ON THE POINT REYES MESA In the last storm, a Monterey cypress about 100 years old and 100 feet tall was uprooted and blown sideways. It was found leaning against another tree in a cypress stand on Cypress Road. Nick Whitney, of Pacific...

Art Rogers Family Album, January 31, 2019

IN MEMORY OF KATE ALLING THROOP — AUGUST 15, 1943 – JANUARY 12, 2019 Kate purchased Campolindo Natural Foods with Ramon Cadiz in 1976 and ran it as Papermill Natural Foods until 1985 in what is now Point Reyes Books, in the old Point Reyes Emporium Building.

Joseph Chiles, forgotten trailblazer

The inspiration for a new book about one of California’s early pioneers was born at the bar at Vladimir’s Czech Restaurant. Fredric Chiles, a Londoner who spends time at his family’s Inverness home, was having a beer with his nephew when the young man brought up one of their ancestors:...

Nature Notebook, January 31, 2019

Morning high tides continue through the new moon of Feb. 4, peaking at 6.1 feet on Feb. 2, Groundhog Day. This East Coast tradition serves as an omen for future winter weather, but here on the Western coast, warm, dry days have jump-started the wildflower season. The very first wildflowers,...

Bruce Mitchell: A balancing act in wood

Behind a wood-and-metal gate on Redwood Avenue lies what woodworker Bruce Mitchell affectionately calls his “boneyard.” Instead of retired machinery, unwieldy hunks of wood sit silent and expectant, waiting for Mr. Mitchell’s gaze and chainsaw to unearth the sculptures waiting within them. The Inverness Park resident has been working with...

What we saw at the border

Distressed by the talk of the border wall and images of separated families, my husband Noah and I, along with Jennie Pfeiffer of Bolinas, decided to meet up with Border Angels. Founded in 1986 by Enrique Morones and based in San Diego, the group protects scores of migrants in San...

Kevin Clarke, 1955-2018

Kevin Clarke, a general contractor and family man in Point Reyes Station known for his light touch and pervasive kindness, died on Christmas Eve. He was 63. Kevin and his wife and partner of 33 years, Rhonda Kutter, who serves as an aide to Supervisor Dennis Rodoni, moved west from...

Sea monsters, an ocean love affair: A fisherman's memoir

Out of sight of shore, the monotony of water is broken by a welcome discovery: a whale on the horizon. It’s swimming nearer, near now, and coming straight for your fishing boat. Feet away, the 60-foot sperm whale isn’t slowing down—what do you do? “It became vividly clear that the...