Art Rogers Family Album, August 29, 2019

Baby of the Week “Baby Boom” ISABELLA GUADALUPE MATA — BORN MAY 4, 2018 Daughter of Brigid (Lunny) and Jorge Mata and little sister of Dylan of the Historic G Ranch. Granddaughter of Nancy and Kevin Lunny of Inverness and Veronica and Jorge Sr. Mata of Santa Rosa. Great Granddaughter...

Nature Notebook, August 15, 2019

The last of the Perseid meteor showers may be difficult to see this week thanks to the full moon, and the skies will remain quiet until the Draconid showers in October. Belladonna lilies (Amaryllis belladonna), a South African migrant, has been coloring the landscape; these pale pink lilies are marching...

Nature Notebook, August 1, 2019

The Perseid meteor showers, usually one of the easiest and best shows to watch, will peak on Aug. 12 this year. This year, however, the full moon rises in the midst of the peak and will wash out our ability to see much of the showers. Expect to see 10...

Dr. Mary Whitney: “It has to be your calling"

Like many young girls enamored with animals, Mary Whitney wanted to become a veterinarian. Unlike most girls, she experienced, as she says, “the true calling.” Without that, she firmly believes no one should ever enter the demanding profession. “It has to be the only thing you can ever imagine yourself...

Community as medicine: Addressing the risks of social isolation

As a primary care physician and a member of a community blessed with many elders, I often contemplate the process of aging and what we know about living long, active and healthy lives. I think about how our choices about how much and what we eat, whether we smoke and...

Art Rogers Family Album, August 1, 2019

Baby of the Week “Baby Boom” WILLIAM WEST FRANKEL — BORN APRIL 17, 2018 Son of Rebecca Martin and Alex Frankel of Inverness Park. Grandson of Kaye and Hugh Martin of Occidental and Diane and Charles Frankel of San Francisco

Whale ceremony at Dillon Beach

With stones, rocks, flowers, chants, songs and their own bodies, about 200 mourners gathered last Saturday morning at Dillon Beach to commemorate the death this year of at least 70 gray whales, all stranded on the shore and visible across California. The sky was overcast, the air chilly and the...