Haraneco Café rolls out comfort food from Japan

As Erika Hara rubs pink salt between her hands and begins to shape a handful of warm rice, she explains that onigiri—Japanese rice balls—are “like our lives.” Not only because she and her collaborator Yuko Kaneko make an abundance of the soft, triangular parcels every weekend, but because they are...

Nature Notebook, August 29, 2018

Neptune, the farthest “official” planet in the solar system (since Pluto was downgraded), will be visible as a tiny bluish dot in the eastern sky on Sept. 9. It is a rare sighting due to its great distance. Let’s hope for clear skies. Tule elk have begun their annual breeding...

Art Rogers Family Album, August 16, 2018

SEASHORE WILDLIFE RANGER TIM BERNOT WORKING WITH WESTERN POND TURTLES “To preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.” — The mission statement of the National Park Service

Fire ecology needs urgent consideration

Global warming is often cited as the primary cause of the increase in the number and intensity of wildfires occurring in California. Though I am sure that it is a contributing factor, another major contributor is rarely mentioned: 100 years of successful fire suppression that has caused an accumulation of...

Art Rogers Family Album, August 9, 2018

Baby of the Week “Baby Boom” DECLAN MONROE HOW — BORN JANUARY 31, 2017 Son of Natalie and Sean How of Manhattan Beach, California. Grandson of Audrey Piper and Mike Hogan of Inverness Park and Sharmon Rice and Aiden Ely of San Marcos, California and Kiki and Todd Vittitoe of...

On Shoreline Unified's facilities concerns

While reaching out about potential facilities improvements and presenting a new bond measure to voters in the Shoreline Unified school District, some community members have asked about our recent enrollment. I wanted to provide some answers and additional clarity about enrollment and facilities needs. Enrollment decreased from the mid-’90s until...

First, do no harm to the armpits

Meg Gould was not willing to apologize for her body odor. A Bolinas native, she developed a recipe for a non-chemical deodorant in her own kitchen after the commercial brands she had always relied upon suddenly failed her. “Whether it was hormone changes or my body rejecting the chemicals in...

The end of Planned Feralhood's trap and return efforts

It is with great sadness that I must announce that Planned Feralhood will no longer be able to offer the service of our trap, neuter, return, feed and monitor program for feral cats. Nor will it be able to provide a foster and adoption program for kittens. I have provided...

Gleanings from a Scandinavian soul journey

This summer marks a transitional moment in my life. As I take stewardship of the Commonweal Garden and directorship of Natura Institute for Ecology and Medicine, cultivating the connection of medicine to nature, to the land, to the plant realm, to each other and to self, I took a trip...

Nature Notebook, August 2, 2018

This year’s most active meteor shower, the Perseids, returned to view in late July and peaks for viewers from Aug. 11 to 12, radiating from the constellation Perseus in the northeastern sky. Up to 60 meteors an hour may be visible, especially with a new moon and dark—maybe fog free—skies...