Bringing balance to our medicine

So much of our modern world and lifestyle is out of balance with our body’s natural state of homeostasis. Many of us find ourselves over-extended, our children over-scheduled, our society over-consuming, and our nervous systems over-stimulated. We become distressed, and may tip so far out of balance that we become...

Nature Notebook, April 25, 2019

As the Lyrid meteor showers flame through the late-night sky this week, a second shower overlaps: the Eta Aquarids, active from April 19 through May 28 and peaking on May 6. These are also seen late at night, after 11 p.m. The thin sliver of moon will not compete by...

Art Rogers Family Album, April 25, 2019

IN MEMORY OF LOUIE THE CHIHUAHUA — APRIL 12, 2004 – APRIL 5, 2019 When the annual West Marin–Inverness School Turkey Trot ran from the Green Barn on Mesa Road to Highway 1 and Cypress Road, Louie always came along and socialized with the kids at the finish line. One...

Point Reyes Vineyards celebrates 30 years

Point Reyes Vineyards, overlooking Highway 1 north of Point Reyes Station, bills itself as the first commercial winery in West Marin since Prohibition. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the winery’s inception: when Steve and Sharon Doughty began plans to cultivate vines on their dairy ranch, and make wine...

Art Rogers Family Album, April 18, 2019

IN MEMORY OF JAN LANGDON — DECEMBER 6, 1934 – APRIL 1, 2019 The Black Mountain Weavers – April 1985. From the left are Ginny Linder, Carol Press, Christine Nielson, Carrie Kutchins, Betty Woolfolk Finkle, Karen Sexton, B.J. Long, Elan Whitney, Gael Mann, and Jan Langdon

Oscar Gamez: Thirty years at Toby's Feed Barn

When Chris Giacomini thinks back to his earliest memories of Oscar Gamez, whom he hired 30 years ago to work at Toby’s Feed Barn, he still remembers the dictionary that Mr. Gamez carried. Born and raised in Sinaloa, Mexico, Mr. Gamez spoke little English when he came to West Marin...

Nature Notebook, April 4, 2019

The Easter weekend brings a full moon on Friday, April 19 and minus tides in the early mornings, making your best times for beach egg hunts before 10 a.m. Earth Day, on April 22, brings the peak viewing of the Lyrid meteor shower, which begins April 16 and runs through...

Mini retrospective celebrates Art Rogers's photography

Art Rogers’s photography exhibit in the gallery at Toby’s Feed Barn affords visitors the chance to move through West Marin’s evolution. The show, which houses photographs from 1974 to the present, will run through April 30. Mr. Rogers has had a handful of shows at Toby’s, but recently offered to...