Nancy Griffith, 1934 — 2013

Nancy Griffith, a one-time West Marin resident and industrious sailor who circumnavigated the globe three times, passed away on Sept. 23. She was 79. Nancy lived in Inverness on and off in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, between sailing expeditions with her husband, Robert Griffith, who worked as a...

Art Rogers Family Album, October 3, 2013

HARPER JANE COLBERT — BORN AUGUST 13, 2012 Daughter of Jillian and Adam Colbert. Granddaughter of Sheelah and Toby Jr. Giacomini and the late Betty Jane and Steven Colbert of Los Angeles

Sim Van der Ryn and the architecture of empathy

Throughout his life, Sim Van der Ryn has been at the forefront of architectural design that incorporates natural systems into people’s lives and habitats. His new book, Design for an Empathic World , is a welcome addition to the discussion. In its pages, Mr. Van der Ryn turns inward to...

Renegade artist Jason McLean exhibits outside the box

Jason McLean doesn’t listen to classical music while he works. He listens to mash up, a musical genre in which Johnny Cash vocals might be laid over the beats of rapper Eazy-E, or Lady Gaga’s lyrics massaged into Journey’s instrumentation. It pulses and booms, gleefully overwhelming. The music is a reflection of what he does: repurposing parts from disparate items to meld them into a new art form. His “bicycle shredder,” as just one example, is made from a knuckleboom crane, a PG&E telephone grabber, the frame of a Ford F60, the front steering column of a Toyota truck, a winch, a mower and flamethrowers. But the mash-up music also mirrors Mr. McLean’s efforts to provide artists with a non-traditional venue for their work, a place outside the stifling atmosphere and pretentious personalities he so often finds in galleries...

Art Rogers Family Album, September 19, 2013

THE BAKERS OF BRICKMAIDEN BREADS — DOWNTOWN POINT REYES STATION From the left are Jessie Frost, Missi Armstrong, Leilani Martin, Chris MacLeod, Celine Underwood, Naima Yoshimoto, Ashley Griffin, Josie Taylor and Tatton Whit “Maybe it was the fresh loaves of homemade bread that my mother used to make, or maybe...

Art Rogers Family Album, September 12, 2013

Great Moments in West Marin History THE FIRST TOMALES BAY TRANSBAY SWIM — SEPTEMBER 14, 1974 “Locals who like to swim in Tomales Bay sooner or later get the urge to swim across the bay, and back in 1974 that’s exactly what happened. Nancy Hemmingway and I probably thought this...

Heidrun’s mead steals an effervescent niche

West Marin has long been known for its artisanal cheeses, organic farms and historic ranches. Many may be unaware, however, that for the last year Point Reyes has also been home to perhaps the only producer of naturally sparkling mead in the country. Gordon Hull relocated Heidrun Meadery to West...

Two respected poets, one benefit

“Only in Russia is poetry respected, it gets people killed. Is there anywhere else where poetry is so common a motive for murder?” — Osip Mandelstam There must be something in Marin’s air that seeds poetry. How many among the other 3,143 counties or their equivalents have produced not one,...