Nature Notebook, September 23, 2021

After this week’s equinox, the fall sky will see two overlapping but quiet meteor showers. The Draconids, a small shower, will be visible from Oct. 6 through Oct. 10, peaking on Oct. 7 just after the new moon. They will appear high in the sky after midnight and are slow...

Kim Thompson: Leading CLAM in critical years

One Saturday morning in October 2011, Kim Thompson walked up to a booth at the Point Reyes Farmers Market, where the Community Land Trust Association of West Marin was advertising job openings. She never anticipated that, by Valentine’s Day, she would be hired as the nonprofit’s executive director, or that...

Nature Notebook, September 9, 2021

How quickly it seems the light has changed, and now a slight chill accompanies the morning fog! The fall season in the Northern Hemisphere begins with the autumnal equinox, marking equal day and night hours, on Sept. 22, just after the full moon of Sept. 20. This full moon is...

Hydrating for health

Water isn’t just blue, it’s also green. — Gina Bria, anthropologist, author and educator Water is essential for life. It enables the growth and healing of every cell in our bodies. According to multiple sources of data, our bodies are overall about 60 percent water by volume. The proportion of...

Nature Notebook, August 26, 2021

A new moon will rise over the upcoming Labor Day weekend Monday holiday, with early-morning, predawn low tides and midday high tides. The bell(e)s of autumn are ringing in the new season: Rosy pink Belladonna (“beautiful woman” in Italian) lilies, also called naked ladies, are blooming on a long, plain...

Inverness woman's new children’s book extols the joys of being on the water

The roots of Inverness resident Laura Alderdice’s new children’s book reach back to Puerto Vallarta, circa 1970. Ms. Alderdice was living on the roof of the home of Roberto Perez-Rubio, an artist she met while working at Berkeley Arts. In the afternoons, she learned the language with Mr. Perez-Rubio’s children,...

Banana Slug String Band comes to Bolinas

On Sunday, on the eve of their return to school, kids enjoyed a performance by the Santa Cruz ensemble the Banana Slug String Band at the Gospel Flat Farm Stand. The set list included the longtime group’s classics like "Dirt Made My Lunch" and “Ants," which ended with an audience...

CHP to increase patrol through Labor Day

Highway patrol officers will increase their patrol of West Marin through Labor Day weekend, prompted by the high volume of visitors to the coast. On Tuesday, county supervisors allocated $50,000 for one additional officer each day during weekends.

Dreambody: Exploring the mask at Tama One

Masks go beyond the pandemic: With myriad functions and meanings, they heal, hide and preserve. In “Dreambody,” a new exhibit at Tama One, 21 artists display their interpretations of the mask. It’s the third exhibit at the Olema gallery since it opened in December 2020 in a building that survived...

Sue Taylor, artist and weaver, dies at 79

Suzanne Knox Taylor, an artist, rugmaker and fixture of Point Reyes Station, died on July 13 at 79 years old. Ms. Taylor arrived in West Marin in 1968 and, over the years, became known for her zest for life and her original spirit. “Look up the definition of artist in...