Art Rogers Family Album, October 18, 2018

BOATWRIGHT JEREMY FISHER–SMITH WITH THE “KOHLENBERG,”AN 18–FOOT ROWING GIG HE BUILT AT HIS MARSHALL BOATWORKS FOR SAN FRANCISCO’S DOLPHIN CLUB Born and raised on Mount Tamalpais, Jeremy got his first job in 1976 as a teenage apprentice to wooden boatbuilder Bill Grunwald on the Santa Cruz coast. He returned to...

In Bolinas, helping kids become stewards of land and community

Under last Friday’s early October sun, a handful of Bolinas schoolchildren huddled under trees in a nearby orchard, filling buckets and expectant mouths with a dozen apple varieties. Out by the Pine Gulch Creek, another group of students cleared out invasive species. One girl passed a ball of black pond...

Nature Notebook, October 11, 2018

I watch the passing of seasons with the constellation Orion. As the winter approaches, I see it overhead as I pick up newspapers in the morning darkness of southwest skies (look toward Bolinas). This constellation brings a sparkle of meteor showers in mid-October, the Orionids, beginning on Oct. 18 and...

Art Rogers Family Album, October 4, 2018

Great Moments in West Marin History “Yesterday & Today” RACHEL’S ZUCCHINI — 1979 AND 2001 Rachel Pedemonte won the Point Reyes Light’s Largest Zucchini Contest in 1979.

Nature Notebook, September 27, 2018

A small meteor shower known as the Draconids drops in the first week of October, peaking on Monday, Oct. 8. Draco (Latin for dragon) is called a circumpolar constellation because it revolves around the north pole; meteors should be visible in the early evening against the darker sky of a...

Art Rogers Family Album, October 4, 2018

Baby of the Week “Baby Boom” JACK CYPRESS PINCETICH — BORN MARCH 13, 2017 Son of Angela and Chris Pincetich of Inverness Park. Grandson of Andrea Rodoni of Vallejo and the late Eugene Rodoni of Oroville and Roberta Pincetich of Portland, Oregon and Daniel Pincetich of Hermosa Beach. Nephew of...

St. Columba's thriving under contemplative priest

The pews of St. Columba’s Episcopal Church and Retreat House held just a handful of stalwart souls for years. Now they are full again on Sundays. Congregants arrive from Inverness or from as far away as Oakland to sit under the gaze of a Botticelli-inspired Madonna, a stained-glass window depicting...

Art and astronomy at the Bolinas Museum

The Bolinas Museum invites you to the opening of three remarkable exhibitions this Saturday, Sept. 22 that explore astronomy through history, contemporary art and historical Lick Observatory archival treasures. Then, filmmaker Joel Coen brings us into small and intimate observations. Humans have always sought to interpret the night sky through...

Art Rogers Family Album, September 20, 2018

MEMBERS OF THE INVERNESS FOUNDATION AND COMMUNITY LAND TRUST ASSOCIATION OF WEST MARIN ON A SECOND VALLEY PROPERTY DONATED FOR COMMUNITY HOUSING A longtime Inverness resident bequeathed a two-acre property to the Inverness Foundation in 2017. This year, the foundation donated it to CLAM for community housing. The donation, which...

Jim Fox: A force for the Inverness fire department

Jim Fox, who has served his bayside village of Inverness in two critical roles for over 30 years, is preparing to scale back from his positions as fire chief of the town’s volunteer fire department and water superintendent of its utility district. His family has had a house in Inverness...