Wind turbine rules stall at Pink


Environmental groups and concerned citizens discussed a draft ordinance that would slacken regulations on installing smaller private wind turbines on Tuesday. The county has been considering the ordinance since early June, and plans to continue the discussion on August 10. Those opposed to the current draft, which exempts small turbines from a full design review process, say it is potentially hazardous to bird populations. “The problem is that large [turbines] have a much slower speed and have a lesser impact on avian wildlife [than smaller turbines],” said Justin Kudo, a representative for Next Era Energy, a company interested in investing in wind energy. But the Environmental Action Committee said that excusing larger, free-standing turbines from a design review process is not an option either. “EAC is trying to support renewable energy resources, but we need to establish a consistent, uniform process that keeps everybody involved from the start,” said Executive Director Fred Smith.