West Marin's CHP officer to retire

David Briggs

THE LAW: California Highway Patrol officer Will Thompson will retire in May after working the West Marin beat on and off for 20 years. As the second-most senior officer in the county, he has seen his share of speeders and accidents; he said he once watched a driver crash on the same curve where he was already attending a crash. The fastest he's ever clocked someone is 118 m.p.h.—but he said he doesn't nit pick. "I'm looking for safety things, not just writing tickets," he said. "If I see stuff, good, if I don't, that's even better." His replacement, Casey Russell, will take over his patrol in May, after which you might see Mr. Thompson riding his bike or running. "I've been lucky," he said. "It's been a privilege working out here."