Water district plan presented


The Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) has released a new vegetation management plan, which it says incorporates many of the important lessons learned since the last plan, written 12 years ago. The district has included new management techniques it says are more effective and fiscally feasible. New information about fire management, ecological processes and management tools have become available, and environmental conditions have changed since the early 1990s, the plan states. There are also new threats to biodiversity the district did not foresee. The draft aims to protect Marin’s communities, water supply and natural resources from catastrophic wildfire; preserve habitats, plants and animals into the future; and prepare for and adapt to future changes. There are 38 described actions required in the plan, including fuelbreak construction and maintenance, weed control, habitat restoration, vegetation mapping and monitoring. These actions address known threats, including climate change, Sudden Oak Death, increased wildfire risk and accelerating weed spread.