Turkey trot 2015

Eduardo Romo

RACES: Students raced in the annual West Marin School TurkeyTrot at the Bear Valley trail on Monday. Winners in the boys division were Marcos De la Cruz (1st place), Joshua Espulgar Rowe (2nd place) and Matteo Nagle (3rd place). In the girls division, winners were Emily Cardwell (1st place), Isabella Rodriguez (2nd place) and Alexandra Mata (3rd place). One of the most impressive racers was Huckleberry Shenk, a kindergartener who came in 18th place in the boys, but who beat quite a few older kids. This photo, from the start of the race, was taken by Eduardo Romo, a member of the Latino Photo Project since September, and son of Juanita Romo, who has been with the project since its inception.