True Grass featured in Playboy


Guido Frosini, the head of True Grass Farms in Valley Ford, was recently surprised to learn that Playboy had included its wagyu beef as one of “19 Things to Do Before You Die” in its November issue (the beef is number five). The farm has been getting calls from as far as Illinois and Mississippi, and when Mr. Frosini asked one caller how they had heard of him, “They were like, ‘You’re in the November issue of Playboy.’ I thought it was pretty funny, but it’s great they would pick it up,” he said. Wagyu beef comes from specific cattle breeds whose meat is sought for its irresistible marbling and commands a premium price. Although the farm does not promote shipping beef to faraway states, Mr. Frosini hopes his appearance on the list will spread the gospel of grass-fed beef. “It could inspire someone else to say, ‘This tastes better than corn-fed beef.’ That’s pretty powerful.” The land where True Grass’s cattle roam has been in Mr. Frosini’s family since 1867, and the fourth-generation farmer has brought it into the 21st century with rotational grazing and has a crew of young adults in tune with that ethos. Along with other meats, True Grass sells whole cows or cow shares. Those who purchase a share—the smallest share is 22 pounds, the largest 350 pounds—will receive it in the spring, when the cows are harvested. The farm’s animals are pasture-raised and certified organic. Find their products at or by calling (707) 876.3567.