Tigger still missing


Tigger, the cat that lived at West Marin School for many years, went missing a month ago. Though there have been a few sightings, he has not been seen for a while, and it’s possible he was nabbed by a coyote. “[A] neighbor on Carmencita in Inverness Park has reported his cat missing and he saw a coyote near by, a friend at Walnut Place has been seeing a coyote there and one of Planned Feralhood’s feral residents there is now missing. Protect your pets,” Kathy Runnion, the head of Planned Feralhood, wrote on Facebook on July 14. I only had one interaction with Tigger, but I remember it fondly; at a school board meeting many months ago, Tigger jumped into my lap as I was taking notes on my MacBook and curled up in my lap, where she stayed for about an hour as I balanced my laptop on my knees and took notes.