Talk on native owls tomorrow


A talk on native owls sponsored by the Inverness Garden Glub will take place at 7 p.m. on January 11, at the Dance Palace Community and Cultural Center, with volunteers from the Hungry Owl Project showcasing a barn owl and an endangered spotted owl. The talk is seen by presenter Trinka Marris, co-founder of the group, as part of a broader effort to raise awareness of the use of pesticides that she said are “wiping out the balance of nature.” In Marin, “most of the owl population is healthy,” Ms. Marris said. She added that nevertheless some residents use pesticides and other corrosive chemicals to control rodent populations, including mice and gophers, which are a major food source for owls. The birds are capable of eating more than one-third of their body weight each night during breeding season, which runs from early winter to spring and summer months. The group will give a second talk sometime this spring, when presenters will offer lessons on how to use owls as a way to control rodent populations.