Supes critical of park’s dog plan


The Board of Supervisors passed a resolution on Tuesday critiquing the contentious and delayed plan to further limit off-leash dog walking in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The preferred alternative did not evaluate impacts on county parks from the imminent displacement of pet owners, and is generally too restrictive on dogs, they wrote. But supervisors eliminated language in the resolution’s title that condemned the preferred alternative outright, deciding not to appear too cantankerous. A number of dog lovers spoke in support of the resolution, arguing that they only have access to a tiny portion of G.G.N.R.A. lands for off-leash walking and that they will be forced to drive far from home to run their dogs freely. One man lamented the plan, telling supervisors how his chiweenie loves to frolic in the sand at Muir Beach for hours at a time. Park supporters also showed up, including Neal Desai, a field director for the National Parks Conservation Association. He said the park must protect natural resources and that the recreation area should be applauded for the protective measures, pointing out that Marin itself faces significant problems with dogs—the number one complaint from park visitors. The public comment period for the plan ends next week. — Samantha Kimmey