Smileys begins non drinking activities upstairs

David Briggs

SMILEYS: With painting supplies at the ready, Smiley’s Schooner Saloon is gearing up to host regular Monday craft nights in the Captain’s Quarters above the bar. Interested patrons last Monday painted cornholes, and this week, owner Leila Monroe and assistant manager Blair Harris worked on restoring the historic Smiley’s sign. Craft night, as well as Tuesday’s strings jam Session and Wednesday’s writing workshop, was created to encourage residents who don’t consider themselves “bar people” to come downtown on a weeknight. Hosts are offered the added bonus of a free bottle of wine or six-pack to share at their event. This month’s craft nights will include papier mache hosted by Breeze Nakooka on the 17th, jewelry-making with Amanda Alcott on the 24th, and Matt Lundy’s QkeyBox workshop on August 31st. — Chelsey Meyer