Shoreline using bond funds in summer construction


Summer construction projects are underway this week at Shoreline Unified School District’s five campuses. All of the schools except Bodega Bay Elementary School will be repainted, roofs that leak and windows with poor insulation will be replaced, and schools will receive new fire alarm systems and accessibility improvements. Two modular buildings at West Marin School and one at Bodega Bay Elementary will be replaced, and, in the largest project, the locker rooms at Tomales High will be redone. The $12 million cost will be paid for by Measure I bonds approved by voters in 2018. “This is a really busy summer,” superintendent Bob Raines said. “We are diving in and doing a lot of work all of a sudden.” The locker rooms, weight room and athletic offices will be gutted and rebuilt at the high school. The rooms will get new plumbing, walls and floors, and be reconfigured for larger lockers and more space. Communal showers will be replaced with individual stalls and changing areas, along with a few other practical modifications: The coachs' and athletic trainers' offices will be situated to make it easier to monitor kids, lockers for sports will be separated from lockers for P.E. classes and a storage closet that was only accessible through the girls’ locker room will now have a separate entrance. Leon Feliciano, who has taught P.E. at the school since 1997, said even when he started, the locker rooms were not in great shape. His weight training class has become one of the school’s most popular classes, so he is most excited about the new weight room. “It’s like a nice used car: You try to wash it and maintain it, but things break, and they don’t work right. You get used to it,” he said. “Now we are going to get a brand-new car.” Elsewhere on campus, contractors are making changes required by the Americans with Disabilities Act: patching the parking lot and installing new disabled parking spots, ramp and crosswalk. The fire alarm upgrades are also required by law; each school will receive a new system that allows for voice evacuation and has a central control panel that identifies where an alarm was pulled. At Bodega Bay, a modular building that houses a state-funded preschool will be replaced, and at West Marin, two modular buildings that house science and Spanish classrooms will be replaced by one larger building with two classrooms. Contracts have been awarded to construction companies at every school except for Inverness School, where the parking spots and ramp out front will be reconfigured. Project manager John Dilena said the contract will be awarded as soon as the Division of the State Architect approves the plans. So far, construction has not been delayed by Covid-19, and everything is scheduled for completion by Aug. 15. The projects were selected from a list of priorities the district created before passing Measure I, a $19.5 million bond measure approved by voters in 2018. The bonds were sold this year and last year, and a combination of historically favorable market conditions and the district receiving a credit rating upgrade to “AA+” last year allowed the district to issue bonds at considerably lower rates than predicted. Interest is $7 million below estimates, saving the typical homeowner $36 a year.