Shop opens near Nicasio square


Mother and daughter team Joanne Sollecito and Ruby Hackney describe their new store in Nicasio, Nutmeg, as eclectic country chic. The pair purchased the downtown building, a former barn with a corrugated roof, about five years ago and began reselling furniture that they refurbished, painted or otherwise fixed up. “People kept coming back,” Ms. Sollecito said, so they decided to set up permanent shop. The store opened last Thursday, and as of Friday evening they had already sold a sofa and a pair of mustard-colored chairs, among other products. “I want people to have nice things” but at a reasonable price, said Ms. Hackney of the store’s wares. It was her passion for scouring flea markets and estate sales that led to the new Nicasio business, where artfully roughed-up side tables and comfortably chic chairs are sold next to women’s clothing, home decor, locally designed jewelry, quilts and more. The owners have lived in the unincorporated town for five years, after Ms. Sollecito’s San Anselmo home flooded. “This is kind of a groundbreaking event,” she added, saying there has never been a store of its kind in Nicasio. An artist herself, she hopes to show both her own pieces and works by local artists. Nutmeg is open Thursday through Monday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.