Sea lion escape short-lived


The Marine Mammal Center released a sea lion at Chimney Rock on Friday, after a previous attempt to return the pinniped to water resulted in a dramatic, though temporary, escape. The sea lion, which was named Lou Reed after he was found malnourished in San Mateo on Nov. 2, just days after the passing of the American musician and leader of the Velvet Underground, was being trucked back to sea on Thursday when he managed to escape from both the crate and the truck bed in the San Geronimo Valley. Kate Harle, a spokeswoman for the center, said all they knew was that the hitch holding the carrier closed became loose. But, she said, “Sea lions are very dextrous, very agile.” Upon his arrival at Chimney Rock, she noted, “[Lou Reed] eagerly exited his carrier and headed straight for the ocean.”