School districts weigh in on gun control measures


The Marin County Board of Education passed a gun control resolution this month and local districts have followed suit, sending letters to federal and state elected officials urging the immediate passage of stricter gun laws. The resolution cites the nearly 300 school shootings in the United States since 2013 and calls on lawmakers to institute comprehensive background checks and a ban on semi-automatic firearms and equipment that increases a firearm’s capacity for ammunition or rate of fire. The board sent out the resolution to all Marin districts, encouraging them to sign on. Lagunitas and Bolinas-Stinson Union both passed similar resolutions—though one board member at Bolinas-Stinson abstained. “I don’t think that we should be weighing in on political issues as a board without first checking in with our community,” trustee Steve Marcotte said. Though the other four board members agreed with his point in theory, they agreed that since the issue had disproportionately affected schools and student safety, in this case it made sense for the board to weigh in. The Lagunitas board passed the resolution unanimously, and Shoreline Unified’s administrators are still reviewing it.