Roadtrippers arrested in Stinson


A 21-year-old Minnesota man was arrested in Stinson Beach last Saturday with a stolen car and two minors in tow. Jacob Engler, of Murdock, a town of fewer than 300 people in southern Minnesota, was booked in Marin County Jail; the minors, a 15-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy, were sent to juvenile hall until they could be reunited with their families. Officials said Mr. Engler works for the girl’s father, and are investigating the nature of their relationship. “Though it wasn’t kidnapping in the traditional sense, he did take the minors without getting the parents’ permission, making it a kidnapping case, “ Lieutenant Barry Heying said. The owner of the stolen car said Mr. Engler had intended to purchase the vehicle and had borrowed it for a test drive, but never showed up to their appointment to complete the transaction. Investigating officers from Swift County, Minnesota, tracked Mr. Engler’s cell phone to the Bolinas-Stinson Beach area, and asked the Marin County Sheriff’s Office to help find him. Mr. Engler faces possible charges of abduction and statutory rape after extradition to his homestate.