Renters not signing up for tax


In the two weeks since the county issued notices to over 200 short-term lodging operators failing to comply with a tax-collecting requirement, just 22 have responded, despite a temporary offer of amnesty. The transient occupancy tax is levied on all short-term tenants, whether they rent a cozy bed and breakfast, a hotel room or simply someone’s home; proceeds fund public safety and emergency services, among other things. Operators must collect the tax from tenants and remit it to the county, but some, especially those renting out their own domiciles, are either unaware of it or are ignoring it. “We had hoped to receive more responses than the few that have come in thus far. The response has been quite underwhelming,” Roy Given, the county tax collector, said last week. Marin is offering amnesty to those who register to collect the tax by the end of 2013. Operators can call (415) 473.6123 or visit for more information.