Psychotherapist to lead grief class


As the darkest time of the year draws nigh, some people’s minds turn to holiday shopping; others turn to death and dying. A gathering with soul-centered psychotherapist Francis Weller might be what the latter need come winter. Entering the Healing Ground—The Sacred Work of Grief, a day-long event sponsored by Point Reyes Books, will take place Feb. 1 at the Point Reyes Presbyterian Church. “Grief finds its way into all our lives through losses great and small,” writes Mr. Weller, whose teachings bring together what he has gleaned from anthropology, indigenous cultures and poetic traditions. “Rarely do we gather for the sake of acknowledging the accumulated sorrows that we carry. In the deep of winter, we will come together to do just that: turn our attention to the grief we carry—for self, community, and world.” Mr. Weller’s book, Entering the Healing Ground: Grief, Ritual and the Soul of the World, was called “quite possibly the best guidebook ever crafted on the art of healing” by author Bill Plotkin. Michael Lerner of Commonweal said that in it, Mr. Weller shows there are several “distinct gateways to grief—when most of us know only one. He reminds us that the purpose of grief work is ultimately to help us love and live again.” A simple communal grief ritual will be part of the workshop, along with writing exercises and singing. The cost is $75 and tickets are available at