Principal sought for Bo-Stinson


For Nicasio School teacher Elaine Doss, retirement was short-lived. Mrs. Doss bid farewell to students in May, and is saying hello to a new group of students at Bolinas-Stinson School—where she has accepted the post of interim principal.

She is replacing Leo Kostelnik, who served as principal for five years and has moved to Neil Cummins Elementary School, in Corte Madera. “The teaching staff at Bolinas-Stinson is the finest I’ve ever worked with,” Mr. Kostelnik said. “I’ve learned a lot from them. I’m going to take those things and try to use it with another staff.”

Mrs. Doss met with district directors during their regular meeting on Monday. “So tell me what you think the downsides are for you,” one board member asked her. “That’s easy,” she said wryly. “You’re ruining a perfectly good retirement.”

Mrs. Doss said she expects to see a lot of changes this year, and plans to help “problem solve, conflict resolve, and discipline these darn students.” The district is receiving applications for a permanent principal through September 28, and hopes to hire someone by November 1.